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Wow. What a ride. 3 months of work, consumed in 3 days. I still can only barely believe I have met all of you and you where all in Amsterdam, but then again, I only need to peek at the #steemfest channel to slap the truth in my face.

So great to read all your stories and experiences, I feel really flattered and great to see in the many ways you explored Amsterdam, the Volkshotel, met each other, formed new connections and relationships! Although being very tired, I still feel the vibe keeping me going. You guys totally blew me and my expectations away.

As I said tried to say in my closing remarks, having the idea for the event was more a fantasy, than something I would believe would actually happen. But by the drive of this community (YOU!), your help, your funding, your love, your desire and your passion it became to exist and boy did we have some fun. Ultra. Epic!

Some stats on SteemFest:

  • 206 registrants
  • 31 nationalities: AT, BE, BG, BR, BY, CA, CN, DE, DK, ES, FR, GR, HU, ID, IE, IN, JP, MY, MX, NO, NL, LT, PA, PE, PL, RO, RU, SE, TH, UK, US
  • 35+ %ish female / 65- %ish male
  • Livestream: 1000 viewers during the day, peak concurrent: 49 viewers.

Unfortunately at the moment the livestream recording of the main hall is muted because we forgot to mute the audio tracks played during the breaks. I'll ask @shourai who did the livestream production to do another round and mute those parts.

What you can still expect from SteemFest in the coming week(s):

  • @t-r-f payouts (Travel Reimbursement Fund)
  • uploading of all media, pictures and the snapcube pics.
  • interviews by @futurefood with individual speakers
  • pictures and movies by @steemychicken1
  • livestream sessions cut at cue points to individual sessions.

SteemFest was only possible in this form with the help of many, both with hands as well as funding.

A big word of thanks to...

....YOU, as a visitor

It would not have happened shouldn't you have blindly bought into it, booking plane tickets, forking over creditcard details in PDFs for hotel reservations and buying a SteemFest ticket. Thank you for your trust and presence, kind words, compliments and love.

... Steemit Inc

Being present with a big crew onsite and funding the majority of the sponsorship needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

... generous donations of

... great help of....

@cass @good-karma @firepower @juanmiguelsalas @anduweb @futurefood @steemychicken1 @skapaneas @razvanelulmarin @foxxycat @blueorgy @anyx @sjennon @mauricemikkers

... all speakers!

... support tickets bought by...

@andrarchy @xeroc @svk @riverhead @val-a @cass @ @lafona @clayop @ned @chainsquad @good-karma @onceuponatime @yasien

... @t-r-f Travel Reimbursement Fund donations by ...

It was an epic blast, definitely one for the books!

See you at SteemFest 2! More info in due time. But you will be notified on your favorite blockchain and you can signup to the SteemFest newsletter here.

I'm going to take a nap now :P
xoxo @roelandp

The group photo (above) is made by @steemychicken1's camera. He just sent it to me still on the road back to Greece.

Like my tulip suit?

Vote for my recently rebranded 'witness' roelandp #10

cheers! @roelandp

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Have some rest. you deserve it.
You have been the best ambassador that Amsterdam have to offer.
Thank you for what you did, everything was amazing organized to the finest detail. I was very surprised to see you sharing in person bus tickets to every attendant for their way back to the Volkshotel. This means so much for so many of us that was there and its just one of the smallest exhibits of how compassionate you are for the rest of us. You had the highest degree of responsibility for the event I have ever seen in a host, congratulations.


Couldn't say it better!


Agreed!!! Top-notch!




I bet whatever he would wear, he would win the contest!


i agree to agree

Could you please reupload the Saturday stream, without the copyrighted part? The video is currently blocked by YouTube.


Yes we will very soon... As I noted in the post I know it is blocked because of the 'pause' music... Supercrap... And not editable online in YT's editor tools because I think the file is too big to handle haha....

Together with the livestream dude @shourai (now on steemit :D) I'm working on cutting all sessions of the mainhall so you will have ready-to-eat videos!

Stay tuned! Bear with me! Keep the soul alive! More slogans!


Awesome, thank you :)

Thanks to you @roelandp for initiating and leading this awesome event.
Thanks to all who backed you and made Steemfest the best event I ever attended and an unforgettable experience.
As exposed in my last post, it was so hard to get away from this collective adventure.
All the steemians present clearly demonstrated what the concept of "community" means.

Now time for all of us (and especially you) to have a rest, to get back with their beloved family ... and prepare for the next event. Can't wait for it.

@roelandp , I can not thank you enough for the work you have done. I have made new friends and met so many interesting people. I learned so many new things about the life of others and of course Steemit and Crypto over this weekend it just blows my mind.

When you go to a first time event there is usually room for improvement but Steemfest was organised to perfection. The amount of planning and logistics you pulled off in just 3 months and not to mention all the little details, from the flags on the boat and venues, to the doormats and stickers and beautiful design leaflets and the scarf and pin and go on and on. It's such an impressive feat. Fantastic.

It was an incredible weekend. Thank you so much!

Heya @roelandp

You've become a legend in Steemit! The bar is now set very high for the next event which we all look forward to.

Have a well deserved rest.

We all love @roelandp (as well as your fashionable tulip suit)! Till next time.

You are the man!!! It was wait for it wait for it LEGENDARY!!! You gave everyone unforgettable Amsterdam and Steem experience! Thank you @roelandp!!! We just arrived, btw.

Dear @roelandp, you have been a true master of ceremony and you have been the best host for the best community I ever witnessed. Thank you so much for dedicating so much of your energy into this so important first gathering!

Thank you so much, @roelandp. You put together a first class event, all the way. Totally exceeded my expectations. You are a gift to the Steem community and ecosystem.


You are a gift to the Steem community and ecosystem.


Thanks @roelandp for your outstanding work and organizing this amazing event. It was a blast and it was awesome to meet such a vibrant and energetic Steem community in Amsterdam! Really unique! See you all on Steemfest 2!

You hooked it up beyond anybody's possible expectations, bro. There is no amount of praise or compliment for you that sums up our collective feelings of what you organised this weekend.

There's only one @roelandp...

Simple as that.


Yes, your organization was really awesome @roelandp!

Hey @roelandp Thank you so much for putting the fest together! Im finally getting around to responding to all the posts! I realised one of the biggest dreams of my life by attending the fest and coming to Amsterdam! Thanks for making it happen!

So wish I could have been there!

Thank you for putting together an amazing event Brotha!! We had a blast and met so many amazing Steemians! Your event was flawless from our perspective. Thank you again from Panama.

You're an absolute pro, @roelandp. Literally everyone I spoke to mentioned, at some point in the conversation, how amazing of a job you did. Thank you.

Thanks to you bro! It was a big pleasure to help and to share with you and all the fellow stemians who attend to te fest this 3 days :) Looking forward for the next one. Steem ON!

Amazing shot!! Amazing Group! Thanks for all the mentions @roelandp you are such a great guy , wonderful to finally meet you!

I'm just literally stepping through the door and will soon hit the bed after leaving the hotel at 8am it's now 8 pm here (with 6 hours time difference ofcourse added) daaammmn

Everyone make sure to use the #steemfest-reconnect tag and get keep all of these great connections alive on the blockchain!

Thanks so much @roelandp you made the event memorable for us all. Amsterdam and the people are awesome and so are steemians.
Can't wait for next one.
Thanks to all the support from the donators and supporters.

@roelandp you put on an awesome, unrivalled weekend! I'm beyond impressed and if @s0u1 is asking when the next one is going to be organised, you can bet we'll definitely be there too!

Well done! Well done EVERYONE!

So much thank yous going on lol. But seriously, thanks, @roelandp!


Thank you for saying thank you!

You are the man, @roelandp! Thanks for everything you did. It was epic. Enjoy your well-deserved rest! We just touched down in Minnesota and are waiting for our car.


glad you got home alright!


Thanks @razvanelulmarin! It was really great meeting you, man. Thanks for all of the work you put in this past weekend.

Great info, thanks for sharing the goodness with us all. Namaste :)

Thank you !

It was an amazing experience. Thank you so much for making this an epic event. You are the man!

Must have been epic, wish the timing of me leaving Holland would have been different. Good to see you enjoyed yourself too @roelandp, since you had so much organizing to do. Much props.

See you at 2.0!

Cheers to you, @roelandp. Thank you for being such a gracious and generous host. I also enjoyed meeting your girlfriend and son. I am thrilled I was able to be a part of this experience.


that little devil is adorable!

Looking forward to the next issue. This one I'll go. Congratulations.

🙌 🙌 🙌

It was the most outstanding and best organized event, I was ever attending!
You really did a great job!
Also a big thanks to your family!

right on!

What a fun weekend! Roelandp deserves a trophy for putting together an amazing 1st SteemFest. From the soccer scarves and pins, to the well-planned sessions and fun times. It was amazing. Thank you!

Roeland, thank you very much roeland for organizing this fantastic weekend.

Take a good long rest with your family Roeland. You really deserve it!!

Enjoy your well earned rest Roeland, and congratulations to all those who contributed to pulling together the event. I wish i could have made it.

Looked like such a great well-run event and added fun for all to be able to explore Amsterdam. Kudos to you roelandp :-)

I really wish I could have been there, but I am injured right now sadly.....


said it really really below, I see that comment was 18 hours ago, and I felt I wanted to re-share what they said, so it does not get buried in the feed, so others can see the essence of what @roelandp did, I find it amazing! Great comments by you @skapaneas -- my new friend on here as of y-day!!! I really wish I could have been there :

" Have some rest. you deserve it.

You have been the best ambassador that Amsterdam have to offer.

Thank you for what you did, everything was amazing organized to the finest detail. I was very surprised to see you sharing in person bus tickets to every attendant for their way back to the Volkshotel. This means so much for so many of us that was there and its just one of the smallest exhibits of how compassionate you are for the rest of us. You had the highest degree of responsibility for the event I have ever seen in a host, congratulations. "

Great post! I am in #Canada -- or as I call it these days -- #Canadastan. I appreciate all you, and MANY others have done.

We have some common interests and I will follow you now -- have already RS and UV this post.

I haven't done my introduceyourself post yet and it has been about 3 mths so I am getting ready to do it like many of you have done.

Have a good day!! I love that suit! I saw it in the updates LOL

Thx for the hard work you put into this event. I will vote for you as witness... well deserved, ofc!

Hopefully see you soon again!

Congratulations @roelandp!!!
I wish I could have made such a fabulous event, such as SteemFest -- but from everything I've seen and heard, it was amazing.., no doubt due to your dedication to the task at hand. Cheers, to a job well done!!!

Is there an after movie?


Nope, we didn't! ;)
There are some people around yet as well.
Thanks for the great event.

Wow...this community is something-something-something. Envy you, guys!

I have thanked you in person, but here is my final THANK YOU and congratulations on this successful first steemfest.
This weekend was literally the best event in terms of.... everything.
Can't wait for next year! :)

Awesome job man! Incredible event :D

Excellent post my friend @roelandp congratulations on your travel experiences

I think you all and @roelandp need to get a room ...Sure a few will get the joke. 🙂


I definitely do :) LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Congrats @roelandp on this awesome event! I love your post. And good nap!

@roelandp Congratulations! I was not at SteemFest but followed the latest information. Everything was great!

That's a great photo of everyone at steemfest.


nice avatar ! ;)


Thank you.

Congratulation to everybody!
We were happy to join the LIVE event from Montreal .

Fantastic job of setting the bar high. It's a real encouragement to the jealous ones at home. :)

Well done to you for organising this. It looks like everyone had a great time. I can appreciate that a lot of work goes into it, so have a good rest now. I really hope I can get to some future event.

I really hope there is another one!


Me too, you better be at the next one.


Yeah I kept saying that to myself during the entire weekend. I'll be there!


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nice post... cheers up

I hope you can also visit here in the Philippines...