SteemFest3 - tysiąc dzięki! - Bye bye Kraków

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You set Kraków on fire! Thank you for coming from over 47 countries all over the world to "this city you never heard of" (quoting the Steembirds). Two days of conferencing, socializing and chatting, 4-5 nights of partying, showing of your bowling, singing and dancing skills. It was a tiring yet epic edition which would not have been the same without you.


As I am writing this I am struggling with converting SBD to BTC to EURO to Zloty to pay several bills for the event. I've been joking around, just like many of you I guess, about "can I pay in crypto". I hope in the coming years we move on and the "joke" turns into a reality. Just as an example with @aggroed who sponsored with SteemMonsters (resulting in the plankton and minnow discounts!) we tried to "wire" from the USA to my event fiat euro bank account: after 3 weeks it was still not here and we killed it and went for SBD instead - 3 seconds later, ready to spend :)

Although the fire might quench some here in Kraków with you all moving on and back to your origins, the blockchain stays scorching hot. Wish you all the best for now, set fire to your projects, new relationships and creative stories!

See you on the chain,

a humble bow and thank you for coming to SteemFest3, You made it unforgettable!

xoxo :fire:


Thank you:

  • @aishwarya, @sjennon, @things, @firepower, @varunpinto and @wandereronwheels, aka the "crew" for their amazing task of welcoming and guiding all of you;
  • @poezio for being the flying goalie (dutch :P);
  • @timsaid, @mynewlife and @shourai for documenting the event in pictures, soon to be aftermovie and livestreams (which will be cut in chunked presentations - soon tm)
  • @detlev for hosting room 2, it was great, danke vielmals;
  • @anomadsoul for hosting great competitions sponsored by @blocktrades;
  • @good-karma for the original codebase of the SteemFest app
  • @knozaki2015 for bringing the Japanese crew to Kraków;
  • @techslut for the event PR;
  • @gtg for helping me explore Kraków during the summer and several Polish "consultancy" talks;
  • @surfyogi for finding originals ways in trying to get the Nigerian community to Kraków which unfortunately failed because meh;
  • elizabeth, madeline and @ned for all support from Steemit Inc.
  • all speakers and performers of SteemFest 3!

SteemFest3 would not have been possible without the sponsorships of:

eSteem App
Partiko App

Thank you for buying a support ticket: @demotruk, @ekitcho, @gtg, @jonching, @nanzoscoop, @nathanmars, @project7, @teamsteem and @victordoan

Thanks to these sponsors about 70% of all attendees could buy a 50% discounted ticket for the event. Thank you!

See you next year!

Start saving some! And count on a November date again!

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Thank you Thank you Thank you @roelandp 🙏🏻
I don’t know how you do this!

Organizing an event is challenging as it is.
Organizing an event in a different country is a whole different ballgame.
And organizing an EPIC event as you always do, is just out of this world!

We’re so lucky to have you!

I’m super grateful for the sponsors who allowed us to buy affordable tickets, and the @firepower crew and everyone who helped.

But without you taking the lead and your skills to make stuff happen in the best and most enjoyable way for everyone, there would be no Steemfest.

Steemfest is the community “glue” that connects us way beyond Steemit and discord channels.

You’re basically super glue! 😄

So, so grateful! 🤗

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I cannot (yet) begin to describe in words just how significant of an experience this was for me. It was everything and it was amazing. We have a community no other blockchain has. We have a family. Thank you. So much. Thank you for making this happen.


And diversity of that community is impressive as well: app developers and content creators, witnesses and curation groups, experts and beginners.

We are all interdependent and neighbor’s success is my success as well: more active users, more connections, more content, higher utility value of STEEM.

You are right, it does feel like a family!

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Another thing I love is how people are helpful and friendly rather than competitive and condescending. We all want to help one another and it's THIS synergy that makes the Steem community so amazing.


I very much agree. I saw that at the London Cryptocurrency Show - Steem was the only place where people were hanging out.


Was this the first Steemfest for you?


Yes, but totally not my last. I hate to travel but this was WORTH IT.

YOU, dear @roelandp

did such a great job.

Count on me if you need my assistance for any next SteemFest.

Thanks for another mind blowing event!


Thank you for all of your effort and positivity. Will you be auctioning off your autographed fire sweatsuit and t-shirt?

After Steemfest2 I knew I had to be in Krakow as well. Doing what you do, having a wife and child and 'in between' organising Steemfest3 also welcoming a new little Steemian to your family, only to have to leave them to make Steemfest3 into everything that it was, must have been hard. But you did it and so much more!

@roelandp: you are a LEGEND!

Thank you for organising the best event anyone could ever visit, with the best people anyone could ever meet.

And with all the work you put in (still working away next door in the office while all of us were having the best time), you still made time to check in on me in the ambulance to see if I was OK. I can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate that.

My thanks also to the rest of the team that worked amazingly hard to make this event into what it was.

I'm already starting to save for next year, because I heard some rumours that it will be a bit further away...who knows.
Either way: can't wait till next year.
I will see you then!

Thanks for everything, @roelandp

Your dedication is out of this world.
Greetings from the portuguese crew! @liliana.duarte , @tixinhacapitinha , @prc and @rmach .


Players of the Bear Bowling Winning Team #1 ( Team Germany (number3)
@RivalzZz ( Team Lead )

Thanks for all the hard work you've done with this steemfest³ . Mindblowing experience.

Thank you all so much for a wonderful event. It was so well done. You are a star @rolandp

SteemFest 2018 was a very special event, indeed. Thank you @roelandp and all the enthusiastic supporters!

Killed it yet again Roelly! Much appreciation. Also for all of the firepower team and sponsors/contributors. SF is pretty much my excuse to go somewhere new each year among so much more!


See ya around buddy that was fun to vocalize with the birdz and you guys rocked on stage too :)
Good times!


Ya mon, u sounded great !

Mum mum mum mum mum mum maaaaa


Thank you and your team for putting on such an amazing event, again. I don't know how you do it.

See you next time!

Thanks for putting on such an amazing event. It was the best conference I’ve ever been to (and I’ve been to a lot over many years).
I really liked how you thought outside the square with venues, “silent disco presentations” and sharing Kraków with us.
So many conferences are boring cookie cutter events. You are like a Michelin 5 star chef by comparison!

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Hola amigo @roelandp, estoy seguro que disfrutaron y que eres un buen anfitrión; me hubiese encantado acompañarlos... Tengo la confianza de que en un par de años, o quizás siendo optimista en SteemFest del 2019 yo pueda acompañarles... Debe ser genial ponerle un rostro a un avatar, tomarse una cerveza con un amigo y jugar un rato con otro (en persona) del cual solo sabías que existía porque sigues sus artículos o eres un seguirdo de su cuenta, o comparten escritos, o sencillamente esa admiración se convierte en afecto al conocerse en persona, debe ser genial.
Te mando un fuerte abrazo desde Venezuela y mis mejores deseos para el feliz regreso a casa de todos los asistentes.
Hello friend @roelandp, I'm sure you enjoyed yourself and that you are a good host; I would have loved to accompany you... I am confident that in a couple of years, or perhaps being optimistic in SteemFest 2019 I can accompany you... It must be great to put a face to an avatar, have a beer with a friend and play a while with another (in person) which you only knew existed because you follow his articles or you are a follower of his account, or share writings, or simply that admiration becomes affection to meet in person, should be great.
I send you a big hug from Venezuela and my best wishes for the happy return home of all attendees.

What a great event, kudos to the organizer @roelandp. Once again thanks to @surfyogi for that great effort, hope to attend the event next year

Thank you guys. It was superbly organized.
I had great value and it was a pleasure meeting you all :)

Awesome job you have done. Even though I didn't have a chance to be there but I'm sure it was just great! @adetorrent told me it should have costed like 1000 STEEM. Hope to see you next year for sure ! :D


We missed you!!!!


I missed all that happened! hahaha :D but next time will be prepared! Thanks Leo!


You will! :)

Thank you, @roelandp! SF3 was one of a kind ❤️
I had an amazing time!

Thank you so much @roelandp.
It was fun, it was interesting, it was just amazing!
The community is awesome but without your dedication and the work of your team, none of us would have been in Krakow this week! Thanks again and see you next year .... in Asia? =D

We are hooked on this and next steemfest will definitely be the most looked-forward to event on our next year’s schedules! Sending much love! ❤️❤️❤️

Awesome event again! It was a pleasure to meet so many new Steemians in real life and to reconnect with the Steemians I met on the last two Steemfest events.🎉🎉🎉

I was so amazed by the human quality behind this event, with a technology in common at its key of course, but really just cool people enjoying being together, and building the future one block at at time.
See you next year for sure!!!

Well done with such a successful event @roelandp!!

@roelandp my man!
What a great time, thank you thank u thank you!

Living Legend that you are, we will make this pay off in the end


Absolutely :)

Already thinking about SF4 😘😘😘 please a bit warmer place next year would be loved 👏👏👏 Amazing job @roelandp and your team 💪💪💪


2019(SF4) - United States (many Steemians are here!)
2020(SF5) - Japan (Tokyo Olympics matters!)
2021(SF6) - S.Korea (Expecting BTC mooning)
Flight won't be a big problem,
Cost won't be a problem, neither (by 2021 Nov ;))
Eg) Europe to Asia .. flight ticket mostly cost app. $1k. (more or less)

Just my 2satoshis..✌

Thank you for hosting an awesome event. We all owe it to you for making it happen again. I was impressed that you remembered who I was without my badge too!

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ha :) im bad in names. but im good in usernames :) thanks for coming to sf!

This SteemFest has been (again) a blast! @roelandp, my words are missing (as my voice) to describe what you did for us.

I can imagine the amount of work done before and during SteemFest. And despite the stress that it must generate, you remained smiling, accessible to everyone ... and so humble.


to you and ALL the SteemFest team members!

Words could not describe the overwhelming feeling that it gave, not only for me, but for the whole @ddaily crew that attended steemfest 3 Krakow!

Even if it was our first event like this, we felt welcome and a part of the ecosystem.

Looking forward to the next festival. Uptill then, let's put some work for a prosperous year!

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Hell ya. Massive respect from Ddaily crew. Was so sweet hanging at the mansion haunt. A perfect extension to wild ride of catered activities! @roelandp was the host with da mostest! See ya all at the 4th edition!

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The organisation was crazy good. I didn't expect it to be on quite that scale - the food, the tech, screens and audio everywhere, the food, the weather, the people, the tours, the buses, the food, the bowling contest... The whole thing was so well organised that all we participants had to do was engage. And the city - wow - what an amazing place!

Being part of @ddaily has changed my life in ways that I probably don't even know yet. Huge thanks to @roelandp and the volunteers for making it such a wonderful and unforgettable event!


It's something I'm going to remember for the rest of my life. 10/10 event and the best people I've ever met.

Now let's pray for Steemfest 4 - Asia ;)


SteemFest 3 - The most epic experience I've got in my life :) especially with my @ddaily Brotha's at our Mansion :D Bless Ya all! :) @roelandp is a legend!


@roelandp is the man @artakush, can't say it enough times. He knows how to keep the people entertained and happy.

thanks for having @ddaily speaking during the day and myself performing during the night.

it was an unforgettable experience.

here is to many many more:


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You are the FYAH-MAN! cya next year:)!

many many many many thanks for this awesome festival.

It was so great to finally have the opportunity to get to know the people behind the user names. You have done a great job and I am looking forward to see the participants of SteemFest3 and hopefully many more at the next SteemFest4. <3


It was an unforgettable event. It was very difficult for me to part with all these wonderful people. I'm already looking forward to the next and I believe that I will have more money once. Then we will organize this festival in Lviv😍Thank you for your help, for helping us get a visa :)


Hope you had a great time & unforgettable memories at SF3, cutie! 😸

you are amazing and put on an event that i will never forget, thank you from the bottom of my heart!! it was the most amazing time ever and the salt mines were incredible, you out did yourself!!

Such and epic ending to steemfest!!!

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Totally insane!!!! Was like a trip to the past!


'Back to the future'.. no?

Thank you, it was amazing again. I will always keep November dates open for steemfest. Incredible human beings and I am so proud that I end up in there somehow. Thank you @bitshares for my raffle ticket again. See you next year

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November for Steemfest! Hooray! :)

I'm full of feelings after SteemFest! My brain is full of information and emotions, I'm happy that Steemit has become a living family... But I'm happy to meet my little Darynka! She also got a gift, did you recognize it, my friend @roelandp?

Thank you sir. You put on such an amazing event. And your team was top notch as well.

It was my first steemfest but will most definitely not be my last!

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Thanks so much.

I am hooked to Steemfest. Can't wait for next year. Already got the blues.

See you around @roelandp.

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I’m glad to see more people this year, together we grow! Up Steem blockchain, up Steemit community!!

That was AMAZING SteemFest. Thanks so much for your great work!

You went above and beyond as usual Roeland. Now enjoy the time with your beautiful family.

Thank you for organising the great event. I enjoyed it much more than I could imagine and met many cool and interesting people.

Thank you so much to everybody who made this possible! Thanks for your efforts, passion and of course the fire @roelandp

I hope every community member will be able to travel to such an event once in their lifetime - it will for sure convert them into the most loyal steemians.

See y'all next year! ❤️

Epic event! @roelandp is a legend! :) Bless Ya Man!

Thankyou @roelandp for organsing this epic event. It was all worth it flying all the way from Sydney, Australia and let's hope the next Steemfest will be closer to my side of the world :)

Great work man, wish I was there!

I wasn't there unfortunately but I have seen a lot of the stuff online. Congrats for another successful steemfest. Thank you for putting it together for us 😊

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Thank you very much to you @roelandp for organizing everything so well, to everyone involved and to every single steemian I've had the pleasure to meet for the great time! :)
still lit in all of us... flame not extinguished!

Thank you for everything roeland...

the event was life changing for me and I'm sure I'm not alone

Next steemfest on the Moon gonna be hard to organize.

Roeland will manage it.

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The standing ovation you recieved was much deserved, thank you Roeland!

Another SteemFest in the books. Well done @roelandp!

A well documented appreciation note to all and sundry. However, it will not be possible without your effort too, so here is a thank you and a ✊ @roelandp
That your burning suit, can I have it? I am 4ft tall, haha! 😁

Great to see some smiling faces! Thanks for sharing @roelandp. Hope you had the best time of the year there.

Great work my dear friend! Steemfest3 is Great event for steemimains, bloggers and authors. In fact steemfest3 is a great effort for the community. Thanks to everyone who is supporting to this steemfest.

Hello @roelandp you have done a great job at steemfest3. I am so in love with it, therefore here is my humble request to you for steemfest-africa1.

I really hope you will consider this and we make it happen. I am looking forward to your response.
thank you!

Thank you for the hardwork @roelandp Steemfest is awesome. We can't wait to join the 4th one.

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Thank you for arranging such a great event and more ever making the live stream available this time, because we all could enjoy it from our home, even though we could not make it. It brings in a lot of confidence in the steem blockchain after seeing so much of activity and energy.

@roelandp you and all the others set up an amazing event. I'm in blockchain since December 2017 and never have met such an open-minded, enthusiastic, creative, diverse and forward pushing community, having so much fun. It will be great to set up our truly SOCIAL network for social impact on Steem - together with the steem-community. Looking really forward to that :-)

Congratulations @roelandp!
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Everyone can Think,
But making an Idea into a Reality..
is a totally different story.

You organized this event so successfully,
managed whole program smoothly with flying colors! 🏅

Much Respect for You @roelandp & your team 👍
Can't wait for SF4 already!
See you again next year, and next, and further. :)

  • mask guy

You did it again Roeland! There simply is nothing else quite like SteemFest out there. :)

It was a real pleasure to to get to see all my now very close friends again in such a unique setting while also getting to know a handful of new steemians. Thank you for giving me/us the opportunity to present at the event. Lastly, I leave Krakow today with a new level of optimism following highly productive conversations with other app developers, so who knows what will come out of this event!

See you next year!

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Thank you @Rolandp and all the sponsors! Amazing time I had. More than I could have asked for, you guys did a top notch job putting the even together. I arrived in Thailand last night from Krakow, sharing a flight with @luczypher, @teamsteem, and @nomadicsoul as steemfest continued on the plane! With over a dozen steemit members hanging here in Chaing Mai for the winter, the steem flame will burn strong! See you next year! -Dan "World Travel Pro!"

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Thank you for your dedication for the community and empowering us to become speakers of your event presenting the @globalschool in Krakow! The SteemFest was an awesome experience for the team and me. So much moments to remember. So much nice, friendly and interesting people! I will come again. ;)


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All the videos and pictures and posts, it really looked like an amazing one
And thank you for streaming the talks :)

We had such a great time, thanks forvthe excellent organization and hope we have the chance attend again.


It's just so crazy to think about that learning about Steemfest when we arrived in Lisbon last year, missing SF by two weeks that I was there now in Krakow. I was researching about Lisbon and I kept running into SF posts, over and over again. I was wondering what this was all about, attracting so many people from all over the world. Started researching, signed up dove right into it!

Thank you @roelandp and everyone else who was involved in SF3, everything has been so smooth, enjoyable and so much fun!

Start saving some! And count on a November date again!

Yes, all, please do!

It was amazing @roelandp - the amount of detail and attention you put in the event and organization was overwhelming. You're a master at what you do, and so is the team you've gathered around you in these past years :-)

I'm still recovering from SteemFest but have only amazing memories to think about - will do that before I start dreaming about November 2019... <3

Thanks for everything, and see you next year! (Or who knows... The Netherlands aren't that big :D)

Steemfest is a success, Tada!!!!

Just like steemitinnigeria is a success, the blockchain is doing wonderfully in the world of today, thanks to this technology.

A proudly steemian I am.

More knowledge to do more greater things CREWs.

Well done @roelandp

It's a pity I couldn't make it this year it looks so much fun. Is there any chance you can announce the next SF a bit earlier say more than 3 months, makes it easier to plan ahead 😄 Thanks

Some photos from "Art at Steemfest"?

Thanks for the wonderful event and organisation

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I want to go next time.

Have a nice fest 😀
Love the city 😉👍

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From reading the article it looks like it was an amazing time. Would love to participate in one of these in the future.

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Great picture! I had to leave Sunday, so I missed the last dinner. But everyone I've talked to says it was a totally awesome wrap-up to the awesomest event. Thanks for everything you did to pull this off, @roelandp!

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It was exciting. Thank you @roelandp, you have worked very hard!

here because of @bugavi , loved reading it. Good luck bringing a lot more updates to the platform :) Good day