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Last 2 weeks were about spending a lot of time with family and battling a parasite which was already with me since the end of September and I am still trying to battle the "natural" way - now I actually found what it is through a doctor visit and analysis last week.

I'm host to the o-so friendly (not) "Giardia lamblia", which helped me, together with SteemFest stress lose 7 kg's since October. As I now know this one week what is inhabiting my testines, I am using a mix of raw garlic, "Juglandis" drink (water, spelt distillate (17%), walnut shell, cloves, wormwood) and another natural antibiotic to combat it. However if things don't progress I will revert to using the "regular" antibiotics the doctor prescribed. I am happy to say our daughter has recovered very good from her 5 day hospital stay (when I was in Kraków) and gained a lot of weight so the future generations are preserved.

In the meantime I have upgraded my computer, paid most of the SteemFest bills, and received the original audio graded live stream recordings from @shourai. So yesterday I found time to timecode all streamstarts & stops and cut them up to individual chunks, ready for sharing.

Here is the complete SteemFest3 all presentations playlist
Still from the playlist by @timsaid

Also the T-R-F funds have been distributed yesterday, and if you received some, then you can thank the following 80 donors for raising 5085 STEEM and 651 SBD:

Screenshot 2018-11-25 at 14.52.34.png


For me, brainstorming for SteemFest⁴ 2019 have already begun as well as initial location research :). I encourage you to block the time around the first week(s) of November in your 2019 schedule and start saving up some, so we can meet again next year! Idea is to announce details way sooner then this year's editions so many of you have time to prepare.

In other Steem "work":

  • I am starting to work on bigger updates to the opensource as I have a backlog of github issues / feature requests from both users and myself.

  • Happy to announce that since 2 weeks the (@whalefountain) is also working stable again. It also had some "testine" problems (again). Forces to generate the spray are so big, that we already had 2 times a ripped pressure can and this time one of the hydraulic valves had problems and needed to be replaced. My raspberry pi computer is still going strong.

Wishing you a great holiday season and hope to report back soon with SteemWallet updates! If you have any feature requests, post them on github please!


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Thank you @roelandp!
Thank you all who made their effort to come to Kraków this year!
Many thanks to donors and to those who decided not to apply for @t-r-f and leave their piece of the pie for the others to enjoy.

See you at SteemFest4!

Thanks and congratulations on a job very well done. I hope you beat that nasty parasite naturally.

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For me, brainstorming for SteemFest⁴ 2019 have already begun as well as initial location research :).

So, you're posting this from somewhere in Asia then? :D

I encourage you to block the time around the first week(s) of November in your 2019 schedule and start saving up some, so we can meet again next year!

Blocking, DONE, saving up, DOING.

Idea is to announce details way sooner then this year's editions so many of you have time to prepare.

Can't wait! Can't wait! Can't wait!

Is it November yet?

Oh, wait... It is, just not the November I'm hoping for.

Wishing you health and strength! It sounds like these months were quite heavy, your health and your families... Hope you are able to spend loads of quality time together <3

Thank you for all the hard work Roeland. Quite excited with the idea of the next Steemfest. But meanwhile speedy recovery to you bro.

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Have a great holiday, @roelandp. Thanks for all you're continuing to do for Steemit! We won't miss SF 4 next year and may see you sooner in Amsterdam. Raymi and I are still planning a visit for 2019.

Thank you @roelandp for all the hard work done!

SteemFest has been a blast and I could only read positive feedback from all the attendees. Well done to you and all your team!

I'm looking forward to know where SF4 will happens. Meantime, I'm already preparing SteemitBoard contest for next year =)

I wish you will be able to get rid of this "Giardia lamblia". If you want me to flag it, just ask ;)

PS: I probably took one of his cousin home, because I found myself locked to bed for two days right after SteemFest (with similar intestinal problems). Result: lost 2kg in 2 days. I should create a "weight loss" badge ;)

Congrats on another successful event @roelandp!
Regarding giardia - I got that in South America a few years ago and it was very difficult and frustrating to treat. I tried every single natural treatment I heard about - wormwood, clove, black walnut hulls, papaya seeds, pineapple, garlic, turmeric, oregano oil, grapefruit seed extract - but nothing worked. Eventually resorted to pharmaceutical treatment (metronidazole) even though I really didn't want to, and to my dismay even this failed, plus it was like an atomic bomb for the good microbes in my guts which took a very long time to recover. Finally found 100% relief in an ancient non-invasive treatment called cupping. I highly recommend it for giardia!!! In returning from Lisbon last year I thought I was reinfected (symptoms are pretty obvious), and this time I eradicated it completely using 100% gum spirits of turpentine - I highly recommend this too. Good luck with your healing!


thank you sara, yeah i am "allowed" to pick up the metro thingy. I will investigated cupping. I'm currently on the wormwood,clove, walnut hulls and then some garlics. It seems progressing, but its indeed a little monster. thanks for the tip on cupping.


ordered the gum spirits. in the meantime also got onto the metronidazole now. lets see.


Great, I hope you're healed in no time! This is one of the most difficult ailments I've ever had, so I hope you have a quicker and easier go with it. Probiotics will be very valuable for rebuilding. Do you know how to take gum spirits? You actually drop about a teaspoon of it on top of 3 sugar cubes stacked on top of each other, then eat the sugar cubes. Best first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Sugar attracts all kinds of parasites, then gum spirits will kill them. We have a ton of research on it if you would like more info.

Happy to hear that you kid has recovered! and oh my, already started for the new one. I have heard something like , Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur a lot but I won't guess haha - will try to save up instead :D I would also love to see the new update on the wallet too! Would be something interesting!! Thanks for the mention! :)


It will work out and we shall hang out and have crazy fun 😜...

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hahaha Thanks Chiama! :D

You did such a great job @roelandp - even I been to none of these events I followed all - only guys with real attitude and commitment to a community can do it that way. Next year please consider an event not that close before Xmas.


it will be around the same time. i just announced that it will be most probably first weeks of november. now you know 1 year in advance :)


The problem is the month of November in general as it marks the start of the craziest season in my business every year - a summer in Amsterdam would be cool too :-)

Oh man, I didn't know about the health problems. Wishing you all the best!

And regarding SF⁴ - I hope it is somewhere warm.. fingers crossed

Last but not least - was a pleasure helping out some Steemians via @t-r-f, who came from far away. Maybe next year, I also need to travel a bit more, than into a neighbouring country. :P

Great we’ll soon bud!! Never fun being under the weather. Rest is key! Thanks a million times over for all you did for SteemFest3 and for all you do here ok Steemit. Looking forward to the future and steemfest4!!!

Your work on putting this event on is seriously appreciated by the community. I only wish that more people could get there, but how big can it get? We've had around 300, but would it work with 3000?

I'd love to get to the next one, but cost will be a factor unless Steem really moons. We can hope.


No words to describe how amazing was your Job R!
Just bigs, enormous, tremendous and noisy deserved claps for you.

We expected 100 and you gave us 10.000%

And of course, waiting for the next November since now...

Peace V!

Thank you for including me in the list of donors even if my contribution was minuscule. I gave 10% of all my rewards in september and october to @t-r-f (via the beneficiary function of Steempeak) but I'm only a small small fish in the Steemit ocean ;) In a way the thanks for my contribution go to all those who voted my posts!

Thanks a lot @roelandp
That picture is so adorable 😇
Your hardwork paid off at SF3, It was amazing. Wish you a speedy recovery man!

Been reading all the posts on SF3 and looks like such a fantastic event, must have been a nightmare organising it.

Am really pleased to hear that you will be making an early announcement for next year, that will greatly help with me planning. Hopefully can make it to SF4!!

Massive thanks @roelandp and all other contributers to SF3 too.

Hope yr natural antibiotics work on the parasite!

See you at SF4!

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The time before, during and after SF must have been draining. With our without parasite. At least it wasn't a mind controlling one. Thank you and they entire team for putting this amazing conference.

@roelandp, thank you for mentioning me as a donor. I visited SF3. Great job! Fantastic organisation! I will definetely do everrything possible to come next year. And, of course, I will try to take some other people woth me. Have a good day! And thanx to all great Steemians that came to the Steem Fest.

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Speedy recovery to you and your girl! ❤️
And so looking forward to SF4! 💪💪💪
And thank you!

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7 kg, man that is some serious weight loss... Not saying I want that parasite, but I could happily loose some weight right now...

Did you try papaya-seeds? They are traditionally used for all kinds of parasites...

Good luck @roelandp!


Thank you, Roeland!
How exciting that you’re already planning SF4! 😃 I’m blocking the dates!!

And happy to hear your daughter is well! 🙏🏻

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I’m really hoping you converted the Steem into SBD a long time ago... Like right when we sent it lol


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unfortunately not :) the idea crossed my mind too when I was doing the calculations. But yeah its always hindsight. Holders can also maybe see it appreciate and see steem go to 8x sbd. Who knows!

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@roelandp is a LEGEND! :)

Hope that you will combat that parasite fucker ASAP. Wishing you all the best and your family :)

Thank you very much for livestreams!

See you at SteemFest4 for sure :D
Bless Ya!

Than concoction you're using will help. Had parasites bloating me up a year ago and those ingredients helped flush 'em out. Steemfest was great from what I hear, you did an awesome job man. I'll be going next year to put @dstors on the map as a functional and successful product by then ✊💪

Ps. Pleaseeee bring steemfest 4 to Korea !

May you recover quickly and be healthy again,
Thank you for making the partiko apps I just downloaded it I inhin asked how do I work the partiko app is there a discord group for those who want to know @roelandp

I wish you speedy recovery :)