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RE: SteemFest⁴ update - introducing conference venue, new speakers, ticket price hike 1 and TRF SPS

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the price will rise a couple of times.

see for the FAQ and explanation of this dunamic schedule.

best is: dont wait too long.

50% means the other half is paid for by sponsorships, so yes thats your discount. everybody gets access to the same event and inclusives!


Thank you and to the sponsors! I have just bought the plankton ticket - this is what I can afford, it is relatively expensive for me coming from the Philippines (and I'm still establishing my new career/job).

I was also trying to vote for the Steem proposal but I'm getting an error. Is this still open? I have previously voted using my old account,@wanderlass, but I have created this new account as my main account going forward (I want to avoid possible issues with an existing 'wanderlass' travel blogger/ social media influencer as they recently contacted me, hence, I'm moving on with this new account).

Yes you should be able to vote! It's great that you obtained a planton ticket. Thats what they are here for. See you in Bangkok!

See ya in Bangkok! :)

Was trying to vote through different browsers but I get this error-

Oops, something went wrong. Here is the error message:
" now=2019-09-18T16:14:48 trx.exp=2019-09-18T16:10:10"

hmmm idk about this error...

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