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Woo it’s been a wild ride, eh?

The good times come, the good times go, and then the good times come back again. Through it all there have been a lot of people in the community that have stuck by the project to continue to make it what it is today. As a Steem witness I feel especially thankful for all the unsung and under-sung heroes that stuck it out through the thin times.

As some of you may know my primary contribution to the platform is What some of you may not know is who actually does all the work.

@firepower has been a relentless supporter, organizer, and advocate of the platform almost since its inception. To this day he spends a lot of time and energy behind the scenes working with the powers that be to make it even better.

@steemitqa, @pfunk, @acidyo, and others work tirelessly to keep things civil on a daily basis. Honestly, I have no idea how they keep it together but I am very grateful that they do.

@gandalf continues to be a great help behind the scenes on the back end. As one of the few other people with box access he has earned my trust and respect as a much better sysadmin than I’ll ever be.

It can be difficult to find the best way to reward all the people that have helped make Steem what it is today. To that end I have pledged my support of SteemFest² with a sponsorship of 10,000 Euros or about one month of witness pay.

Screenshot from 2017-06-14 10-59-06.png

Thank you all for a great ride - we’re just getting started!

Steem on,


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@roelandp we're going to rock SF2! You are the man with the plan so I can't wait to get there! :D


Your events are epic! The work and attention to detail are second to none.


That is a generous support @riverhead!

Steem on


Hah, nice custom Steem graphics.


Lisbon !! I will be there but how much time!!


i watched last years. i can attest to that!


@roelandp @riverhead guys well respected your doing a lot for the community it's gonna lead to great things kudos guys and keep doing great stuff peace

I am glad to have been a part of the team and spend all the countless hours there, both in the bad times and the good. Thanks all of you for being such awesome individuals and I hope I get to see all of you in the next Steemfest! <3


Its all @roelandp who organizes steemfest!


Congratulations @roelandp :)


@acidyo steem seemed to be made of great people viva las steem guys let's build this tell it's huge well done to the whole community

Holy cow. It's a number I will need to take some time to process. Not only that but to see you forfeiting a month worth of computer runtime to support something you believe in.

I can not only imagine the burden you've lifted off those who would like to join steemfest2 but isn't that well to do yet. But i just gave a sigh of relief knowing I need to fork out less of what little I have to make my steemfestdream come through.

In a way I have to thank you not only for directly subsidising the ticket fee for steemfest but also the past year's worth of contributions you have given to this platform.

If it's possible, among other things, we should meet during Steemfest so that I can give you a bro hug. For making it less difficult for a poor boy like me to reach his dreams in achieving the seemingly impossible.

I wouldn't change a thing! My time on as a mod has changed me forever! ALL I want to do is MOON! GOOD OR BAD it doesn't matter! thanks @riverhead for the mention.

This is so awesome. I'm so glad to see that Steemit finds ways to get into the real world. Wish I could go!
Thanks, @riverhead!

This is just fantastic @riverhead! Thank you for all the help and support and guidance you've shown over the past year! Looking forward to some great times ahead and you can always count on my support! :)

Thanks to @pfunk @steemiqa @gandalf and @acidyo and others for helping out everyday! :)

Hey @riverhead , I saw that you up voted my last article about night photography. Big thanks ,I really appreciate it. 🙂 Idk how it comes from 10 views to 200 views, but really thank you.

You are a true Steemian! This is wonderful!

Great teamwork happening out there and in "here" too! This is so good to see and read, 5500 Steem is more than a decent amount to uplift this gathering. Good for you, good for us all! Namaste :)

you rock dude

Awesome, what a generous move!! So beautiful to see a great gift that will make Steemfest 2 possible for more people! Thank you so much for your incredible community contribution in all roles you play here, @riverhead~*~

Wow I am shocked every day at how giving and supportive this community of Steemers are. So inspirational! I will try my best to give back to the community in my own way!


Thks @riverhead for your huge support. We really need to make SteemFest 2 a successfull event and your support is surely appreciated by the community. I'm currently working hard to make this year and attend this nice event. Thks and Steem On!

Holy crap Your steem power is amazing, i bet if you resteemd a post of mine it would triple my current SP. i can dream tho , much love @riverhead

Steemfest is officially cheaper!

Thanks @riverhead
We not so rich people appreciate you helping make steemfest affordable!

Very generous donation @riverhead, the support from you and others make this event awesome again for sure!


@roelandp is an event organizing machine!


Yes he is!

Congratulations @riverhead!
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Hello @riverhead, we are just trying to set crowdfunding on Steemit to get resources to save Abongphen Highland Forest in Cameroon. Please could you help us in our effort? Thank you verz much for your upvotes and resteems.

this is so epic. thank you very much

Wow. I have to first apply to get my passport, and I will be doing this shortly. If all goes as planned, I'm coming…

Hi @riverhead,

OMG such a great article, i so worship you for all this work. Could you please do me a favor i am trying to make an article of mine more visible it has to do with a great place for people who love traveling.

Please check it your self and if you find it worthy to be resteemed then please do so.

I've put myself a mission that if i can afford the SteemFest from the money i earn in steem then i will atend it so wish me luck :)

Please follow me @eltooni

Thank you,

Seems like the good times keep coming.
I wish I could check out SteemFest Lisbon

That's great! It's always great to give back. Makes you feel wonderful and help the community. Thanks for such a generous work @riverhead. More power to you!

Following you to stay tuned to future updates.

Good post @riverhead Congratulations :)

What an awesome move! Thank you Riverhead.

Wow you are awesome for supporting this community. Thank you for being such a kind sponsor. I'm sure steem fest will keep getting bigger and better! Exciting times ahead!!

I can't wait for the day that I'm in a position to be able to give back to the Steemit community.


I feel the same way. I see all the good things people are doing around here and it makes me want to do the same.

this is amazing man!!

Thats @riverhead for creating and thanks to the rest of the crew for all the things you do to keep the steemit world going round! :-)

JESUS. godlike, headshot, whatever you wanna call it. that's amazing, and i know if i was in the same position i'd do the same. when you say witness pay can you expand on that a little, i know it's one of the kinda nodes right that stores the blockchain. but the pay is from an intergral part of the way the witness part works? sorry, i kinda get it.


You're on the right track. The witnesses sign the blocks that contain the transactions and cause the chain to grow. Every time a witness signs a block they get a reward paid in vests (steem power) much like bitcoin miners get a reward for solving a block.


got it! thanks!


Hey! Would you mind explaining what VESTS are? I have seen the symbol several times, and I understand they are related to Steem Power, but I don't really get how, are they the same? What is their purpose?

Thank for the info!

@riverhead man wicked, really repect your support for the community id love to go to steemfest but don't think will be possible but who knows if my steem grows x

very good @riverhead interesting post

That is very generous!

Steem on!

What a fantastic offer you made! Super to see this!

Fair play!

Awesome gesture @riverhead! You have supported a lot of people on the steemit side as well as the steem side. Your votes are always welcomed and I'm sure @rolandp will make great use of the funds :)

Wow! That is so very kind of you riverhead, I hope to meet you and the people you sponsor to go to STEEMFest! :)

I love to support but I don't have enough STEEM as of yet. Hopefully next year.
I voted up, hopefully that's something.


very nice writing dear :)

Very generous of you!

That's a great gesture of giving. Even though, I won't be ale to participate in Steemfest, I appreciate the fact that how many Steemians will benefit from it.

Very Cool!

Everyone should aspire to follow in your footsteps!

This is awesome! Thank you!

Thank you for being such a big contributor to the community. People like you makes this platform truly wonderful.... Followed

What a great Sponsorship! You're very generous @riverhead!

WOW wish I could go! :) Maybe I need a vacation soon ;)

Your chat helped me more times I can count! Hope to meet you at steemfest! It will be great to see some of the celebrity names! :D

Itching for a beer... erm, steemfest!

Thanks for nice information. some of them helping me. Great. upvote and follow

That is big news

thank you for being so generous, i think we should thank you all for making such a wonderful platform .

thanks @riverhead
am new but already fired up...people like you and the work you guys are doing made me know am here for keeps...

Will book a date and travel to the Lisbon

Hi Riverhead, I really like your community-orientated heart approach! It's a key theme in my new post "the true power of steemit, building community, empowering change - thought you might appreciate some aspects of it!
As I am new here any help you can give me to get on the ladder would be for ever appreciated, have a beautiful day ;-), Hope to come to the steemfest - it will be amazing! Thanks, Will

What an epic gesture! Done like a true gentleman! :D

Im glad to be part of the steemit community its truly an incredible experience

It was very informative, for as long as it was translated by my translator. Thank you.

Amazing riverhead! I really hope you will be there at SteemFest II, way too much time has past since last time

Thank you for your dedication!

Riverhead, I'd like you to make sure this article goes around Steemit. I posted a guide with every single airport and country connecting to Lisbon for the Steemfest

All the best for SF2 dude.Hope it will be a great success.I m just a fresher here.Really amazed to see ur guys teamwork and spirit.Keep going.Proud to be a part of this community.

I didn't know who was responsible for the chat, many thanks, i've made a bunch of friends there, already well acquainted with the mods.

Cool article, thank you for posting. Followed and upvoted! :)

That's awesome riverhead! Nice one!

you have my witness vote as i need you there...have been a fan and follower since these few days i joined and i know you support my maiden 2 new posts i sent few hours ago...visit my blog for your experienced advice


Thanks for showcasing other people's hard work! :)

I'm new to Steemit and still looking into Steemfest, but what does come across is the how dedicated some of you are to making Steemit work and that is something I really love and admire!

I was watching a video by @stellabelle the other day and her competition to give away free places is amazing and now you're donating a whole month's witness pay to the project, what a great group of inspiring people! I will have do more checking out of Steemfest! Is there a deadline for booking?

Thanks for your post and dedication and also to all those working on this and Steem in general. :)




very bad , really really bad cause i late for this information . sayonara @riverhead

I had my 30th birthday in Lisboa, drinking rum as a lightning storm broke over the castle. It was pretty fucking great.

Just wondering, how many people work on a steemit platform and you manage to run everything. I would get lost at the very start of it :-)