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RE: The new SteemFest⁴ badge is ready

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Well said khun @kaminchan, I was also about to tell them that the logo is offensive and they may discover it on the giant billboard sign outside of the airport. To compare to Christian symbol is not good because in the western world the religion as being destroyed and it as nothing sacred anymore. But here, if the Steemfest was a legit event (working hand to hand with the local community to make both the adverts, icon, and event in order to take full profits of the country and its culture in a good way) but instead it is made (SF event) by one or a few peoples that really have nothing to do with the Thai Steemit community and not even dare to ask for their help (maybe for keep their hands on a cash machine)... For Steemboard, I believe they have nothing to do with Steemfest 4 people and they have no clue about the Thai culture. To make it short the buddha image is inappropriate following the culture and the law also to put the swing higher than the buddha is very wrong. A good way to illustrate will be, as the event name is Steemfest Bangkok, to use one of Bangkok's iconic place as a silhouette in the icon, places like Wat Phra Keaw or Wat Arun (the same way I add Wat Phra Keaw silhouette inside the Thai flag for the weekly @thaiteam contest. My feeling and I am not alone is that in these times of trouble for most crypto. Thank you @kaminchan!...


Thank you for talking some common sense into these naive westerners! But they have been warned! Had they done this in Cambodia or Burma, they would be put in jail for a few years!!
Here they’ll get arrested and pay some fine!


Do you think they accept STEEM to pay the fine? 😰
Just kidding... and taking your remarks very seriously (see other reply)

Thank you @kaminchan, not easy for them to understand how much Buddhism is important for the people and for everyday life in Thailand as well as in administration. Here a picture outside the Arrivals at Thai airports, it may help them to understand.

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