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RE: The new SteemFest⁴ badge is ready

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Hi, I just wanted to add that I've was just in Bangkok (Sept.) and I've noticed a lot of billboard signage on the prohibited usage of the Buddha Image. I've been to various places in Thailand multiple times and this is the first time I've noticed them, they are prominent. It would be prudent for you to double check if your badge will get you into trouble if used in Thailand. The recent "crackdown" is real...I was stopped at airport security where they inspected my Buddha pendants that were around my neck. There is a noticeable (to me anyways) decrease on Buddhist related "souvenirs" at the tourist spots, plus the removal of temple "gift shops" in many of the smaller wats.
Personally, I like the design of the badge, I think it's nice and I'm not in the least bit offended but in the end it's about what is allowed and its' consequences. I think this is one instance where it's not better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission.
Just my 2 cents. Thank you for your service, steemitboard!


Thank you for your feedback @rayshiuimages.

We took into account your remarks and refactored our badge. Read more here

No prob, happy to be of assistance..

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