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Many here will be going to Steemfest in Amsterdam in a little over a month. For some it may the first time in Amsterdam, and they may wonder how to best connect with the locals. Thus I have helpfully compiled a list of opening lines that will go down well with the locals, guaranteed, and won't make you look like a complete tourist.

  • Where is the best coffeeshop?
  • Amazing that everyone can live on government handouts here!
  • It must be great to be high all year!
  • I guess you never go skiing, as there are no mountains?
  • What do tulip bulbs taste like?
  • Aren't you scared of floods?
  • If it weren't for us you'd be talking German (US visitors only).
  • Sprechen sie English?
  • Why do you call yourself Dutch?
  • So when you're old and sick, they can kill you?
  • The boy who put his finger in the dike, did it really happen?
  • Where can I see the tulips?

You have one more month to learn and practice.

Good luck!

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Sprechen sie Nederlands? Zie je volgende maand Otto!


Ik kijk er naar uit, het gaat ongetwijfeld gezellig worden!