If You're Going To Steemfest... This Post Is For You!

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Since I didn't wanna go to work on the street corner to earn my way to steemfest, I decided to do some other things instead.

I was noticing a lot of people saying that they were nervous to go to steemfest alone and try to start convos with other people.

I get it. I've always been the kind of person who loves to say hi to everybody, and so I've always liked trying to get the shy kids to open up. The shy kids can be crazy fun. You have to watch out for those ones lol.

So thinking about this, I had an idea to start selling conversation starter steemfest t-shirts!

The idea is basically to give you a shirt that says steemfest 3 on the front, so that you have a shirt to remember your trip by...

and then on the back, it would be questions that are a conversation starter.

So you can go up to anyone with this shirt on and answer the question. Instant icebreaker and an instant excuse to talk to someone!

Imagine the relationships you could make with people that you might not have otherwise met or talked to...just because you saw a shirt with a fun question on it?!

You could literally find a new best steemit friend because of a tshirt.

So, here's an example of the concept:



I was talking to @anomadsoul and he encouraged me to go for it, so I'm doing it! Gracias, amigo!

I would also like to do customized shirts with a scannable QR code that would link to your steemit profile when scanned, if you're interested. I've been seeing QR code shirts and hats and wearables in general lately.

Kinda crazy.


I'll be done with this within the next few days.

In the meantime, I WANT YOU!

Comment some fun questions you'd like to see on the shirt, and I just may make that shirt!!!

Here are a just a few questions I've thought of so far, to give you an example:

Would you rather travel back in time and change something from your past or travel to the future?

Would you rather go back to age 5 with everything you know now or know now everything your future self will learn?

What's the cheesiest pickup line you've ever heard? (I want to do a post on this, lol so many fun ones here)

So that's it!

What are some icebreaker questions YOU'D like to see on a shirt? I'd love to make it a reality!! Also, if you might be interested in a personalized shirt, lemme know!


This is an excellent idea. HOpe you can't keep up with demand. :) The icebreaker is a good idea.

Aw thank you!!!!!

Those are cool !! :D maybe also this "have you been flagged?"

haha that's a good one

I know. It would create more conversations :D and gossips haha

haha I like that! Lol I try not to gossip...but I gotta admit it would be fun

Have you heard of Steem Monsters? #questionsforshits

Lol more like, have you heard of all the steem monsters giveaways that @o07 does? haha so awesome btw

I like it.gif

Haha cool idea man :D

Thanks! Glad you like it and thanks for coming by!

Great idea! How fun.

I'm not going to SteemFest, but I love that you are doing this!

Thanks! I wish you were going. Maybe we need a shirt with Ned's hair lol jk

What an awesome Idea! I love it!

Here is a ?.... If you could meet one steemian in real life who would it be and why?

good question! Lol if another steemian asked me that I'd just be like "you!" And then it would turn into an awkward corny pick up line or something haha

haha that's one way to break the ice! who knows you might just find a girlfriend 😉

My idea for the t-shirt:
Want to have a beer? Ask me!

An other one that came me to mind is: Isn't it awesome day to have an awesome day together?

lol thanks for the ideas! I love that you're getting more than 1

You are welcome. If I have an other one I will leave it here.

Definitely a better idea than the street corner! I love the QR code idea. I wonder if you could link it to your Mene referral link...hmmm....

I think my question would be.... “Do you want this chocolate bar, or this Mene 24k gold ring?”

GREAT question!!! And I'm sure you could link it, I don't see why not. Lol looks like I need to try to make you one now!

That all depends on what you do on the street corner 😉 lol. Great advertising Idea!

LOL. I'd be on the street corner just selling steemit stuff haha

Haha I have stood on the street corner selling bottle water right outside the street festivals here in San Francisco and I always triple my money.

You're a genius! Is it weird that I've always wanted to do this? That's smart of you, though. They say go to where the starving crowd is

Es genial la iniciativa, felicidades y éxitos en Steemfest. @nomadicsoul

Gracias, espero q todo salga bien! Vamos a ver!

Brilliant idea!

Thank you! Glad you like it

I made a shirt in high school with the question, "Got Integrity?" on the front and the back with my nickname, Coolkid.

lol interesting, how'd you get that nickname? Did anyone ever tell you that they didn't have integrity? lol that'd be kinda ironic haha

In 1999, a Mexican boy named Elder called me over to play basketball at our park, a block from the trailer house I grew up in a ghetto, a trailer park hood, in Oregon, when I was fourteen, or around that time, and he was like, "Hey kid."

Kid and Cool

It was raining, and I was sliding on the cement court. I was making baskets. I was fast. The other boys were saying, "Cool." There was another kid named Joe, just like my name. Elder put the words together, as he said, "Cool.... kid." The words just came together when they said it a few times and it stuck. I started high school in 2000 and I had other nicknames too that people gave me like Ghetto Joe and also Joe Cool. In college, I gave myself my own nickname for people to call me Oatmeal Joey. All of this started 19 or so years ago.

No Mad I.C. Soul

Starting to feel a little old, haha. Thanks for asking. How long have you been the Soul? Upvoted.

Oh lol that's so cool! It's fun having a bunch of different nicknames. Thanks for sharing the story

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