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RE: If You're Going To Steemfest... This Post Is For You!

in #steemfest5 years ago (edited)

Definitely a better idea than the street corner! I love the QR code idea. I wonder if you could link it to your Mene referral link...hmmm....

I think my question would be.... “Do you want this chocolate bar, or this Mene 24k gold ring?”


GREAT question!!! And I'm sure you could link it, I don't see why not. Lol looks like I need to try to make you one now!

That all depends on what you do on the street corner 😉 lol. Great advertising Idea!

LOL. I'd be on the street corner just selling steemit stuff haha

Haha I have stood on the street corner selling bottle water right outside the street festivals here in San Francisco and I always triple my money.

You're a genius! Is it weird that I've always wanted to do this? That's smart of you, though. They say go to where the starving crowd is

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