Steemfest³ 2018 - A Retrospective, Part 2

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Steemfest 2018 was an amazing experience. I've met so many fascinating people and had so many wonderful conversations that in order to try and do it justice I decided to condense my experience in a series of posts.


At the end of part I I've told you about the bowling party. Here's one of the pictures @techslut, @redrica and myself took using the picture booth that was at the entrance.


We finally got back to our room at around 02:30 or so and crashed to bed. We woke up to a beautiful foggy morning (see above) and had a small breakfast before we headed out to the ICE Krakow Congress Centre.

It seemed like a straightforward walk but google maps kept crashing and @techslut realized that no one picked up the leftover Utopian shirts with the suitcase (that we borrowed from @poet) from Stara Zajezdnia. So, instead of a nice short walk, it was more like a stressed slightly more than half an hour walk.

We arrived at the ICE tired, sweaty and stressed and it took some calls and a bit of running around before @suesa told us that Lena, the manager at Stara Zajezdnia had the suitcase safly and we could go and get it at any time.

@techslut asked me if I could go and get it to our apartment since I was not as interested in any of the presentations or roundtables that morning and I agreed.

I went outside and since I didn't want to walk all the way back nor did I have any internet I asked one of the local emploees of the ICE to call me a taxi. We had bought a local sim for @techslut on our first day but didn't bother getting me one.

I waited for 10 minutes, took the cab over to the Stara Zajezdnia and found the suitcase exactly where they told us it would be. The drivers' English wasn't very good but he still managed to get across that his daughter married a Jewish dentist and is now living in Eilat in Israel. He apparently speaks 5 languages - Polish, Yiddish, Hebrew, German and Arabic.

I walked with the suitcase back to our apartment across from the Qubus and managed to find an empty cab as soon as I went back downstaris.

By the time I got back to the ICE it was already time for lunch and @techslut was much calmer having been informed of my success.


Lunch was much better at the ICE but we were already starting to get really tired. I did get to meet and talk to some more people.

I had a conversation with @firepower and @sjennon on the staff of Steemfest about (I asked for a larger shirt but we talked about so much more). @techslut showed me @ytrphoto's desk where he set up his own coffee brew and his own chocolate (a chocolatier and barrister from Japan). She said his coffee was so good even @elear was impressed. You can see how pleased she looks with the coffee.


We met @yidneth, the spokesperson for all things magical and she showed us her CD - The Undeliving.

We got to know @mammasitta and hear about her wonderful @globalschool initiative.

We joined everyone for the group picture and tried to decide what to do next. We thought of walking across the river to the mall and maybe do some shopping but we were just too tired. Feet hurting and brain foggy we decided to just go back to the apartment for a much-needed nap. I was happy we were able to convince @redrica to join us.

We all had a nice warm cuddle and napped until later that evening.

Not knowing exactly what was planned for the party at Klub 89 we put on our nice clothes and took an Uber to the Klub.

I'll tell you about our Klub experience in my next post :)

I would like to end the same way I have ended the previous post - If you've met me and remember me fondly I'll be happy to hear from you in the comments. I'll also be happy to see any pictures of me you may have since I'm usually not in the habit of taking selfies but I was genuinely happy at Steemfest and I would like to have more pictures of me in that unusual state :)

Love you steemians, stay awesome.


It’s tough without internet. My Israeli phone on Golan had full data roaming in Kraków.

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The sim was just 5 zloty for 10gb. We could have easily bought another one we just didn't think about it I guess.

It was truly amazing to catch up with you and @techslut
I can’t wait to meet each other again next year at the moon maybe :)
Power to the community and thanks for mentioning @jnmarteau ‘s “baby” @globalschool

Gladly and I hope so :) Hug

Thanks so very much for your kindness and the candy for the throat... We are both bound to bed with a nasty cold, so seems that is what it was happening :) hahah. Thanks for all the healing. I have some pictures of fufunchis the ratties while @techslut was doing her conference, I'll try to sort them out and send them to you.
Thanks for caring it was such a pleasure to meet you both!

the pleasure was ours :) I really hope our pathes will cross again. Where would you recommend buying your CD from? Hugs

I wish I had bring more along with me, both my slbums are available at pack and single cds have same shipping as they are bulky and falls in the up to 500g fee in Spain. But I will add something to make it more worth. You also have digital there (it is on itunes but in my page it is cheaper and I get most of it). I always recommend though the physical, specially The Underliving, starting to be rare find. Thanks for your interest, and your reassurance and help.

They do not ship to Israel :(
Do you think I could pay you directly? Feel free to email me and we can discuss details.
Thanks :)

But of course, dunno why it should not be, shop is an add on and it is missing some randomly, it has happened on occassion, will make @hedac look for it but writing you anyway, thanks for your caring

I think we fixed Israel on the shop list... of course I'll add a "goodie" to compensate shipping cost, there is a pack and there is the cd, there are also only digital versions, though I always recommend the physical copies, sadly the shipping is as it is :/ as they're heavy. If you still have a problem let me know... once I'm over the lurgy though I'll write to you to thank properly :)

Would it be possible to pay with steem? I'm a bit light on Fiat at the moment.

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It was great meeting you two! Had a blast at sf3 and hope to see you guys again next year!

Also, I'll definitely be up for another massage then!

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I have dear dear memories about that coffee! <3 @ytrphoto deserves some applause for being there and serving us all coffee al day - and those chocolates!

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