Give Away! Imaginarium of Tears Experience session @ SteemFest

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Dear SteemFest visitor,

Four days ago I announced that Imaginarium of Tears will come to Steemfest.
To cellibrate this, there will be a give away, you as a SteemFest Visitor are able win a Imaginarium of Tears Exploration session. A session where you can see and explore your unique tear under the microscope.

Imaginarium of Tears Experience session

During this session you will be asked to shed a tear. After you have shed a tear you will be given the opportunity to see your unique tear under the microscope. Since the tears needs some time to crystalise you can wait and have a look trough the microscope and see / explore your tear crystallizing under the microscope.

More detailed information about this session can be found here.
+ A detailed microscopic view on your unique tear.

Where: During SteemFest
Venue location: Basement
Day: Saturday 12th of Nov (day 2)
Session Duration: Depending on your crying and crystallization speed. (max 30 min)


  • A vallid ticket for SteemFest & Available during the 2nd Day
  • Leaving a original comment below.

One winner will be chosen by most original comment!

Good luck & See you at SteemFest!

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I'm curious whether there is any metabolic information to be found in a tear? (not meant as comment for competition btw)


For more information about that please check this out: I think this will answer your question.

wish i was going to this
can't wait to see everyone's posts about it!

I have shed few tears in life, what better excuse to squeeze one out!!

Oh wow, I've wanted to do this soo much and I am very excited about at least watching the process happen from the sidelines.....

Oh no, don't get me wrong, these are tears of joy that I am crying not of sadness :)


@ballinconscious Winner, Winner "chicken dinner"!
Congratulations you are the winner of a Imaginarium of Tears Experience Session. Please let me know during what time slot you would like.


WOAH! That's awesome, thank you so much. I am very excited for this session. Thank you so much for giving me this prize. I will look at the time slots now. Also I was wondering if it would be possible for me to "upgrade" to the full session by paying the difference?

As beautiful as the tear may be how participants choose to cry...