Cloudwalking over Amsterdam The Video! - by @mariandavp

in #steemfest6 years ago

This is my second and last post on Steemfest and then I promise to snap out of it!

It took me some time to gather all photos and videos I took from Steemfest and trim them down to the actual experience. No presentations or speeches, far from the entrepreneurial aspect of it; just happy smiles, shaky hands, drunk walks, celebratory streets... as a video it definitely won't win a Golden Lion for its cinematic art, however it may help to keep this memory alive - at least until the next!!!

I hope you enjoy it and apologies I haven't managed to take videos from all the wonderful faces that made this experience unique.


I thought the same thing when I saw it, too funny!! :D

a new meme is born..


It's from your video. Around 2:27-2:29 :D

best comment I can remember of !!!
I am still laughing

i've hidden a bonus joke as the image's filename :P

lol "theweatherisfine.png"

I know but it's your addition that makes it so funny!!!

I don't think I had the pleasure of meeting you at steemfest, but the video is beautiful, I can't wait for the next one :)

No, unfortunately no one introduced us... thank you, I am really glad you like it and look forward to meeting you next time!

I make the same thought for many of you (you included of course)

Good job Marianda! You made my day!!!

Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed!

Great video and snapshot of Steemfest!

Thanks for watching!!

Now I really wish I had made it!!!!

Steemfest #2 will be the onle sequel that is better than the original (with the exception of Indiana Jones). See you then!

That was so cool!! I wish I was there damn it..

I wish you were there too! Would have been crazy! The true king of Amsterdam!

So good to spot some very familiar faces and a big thank you for sharing this video with us. Namaste :)

Wow, I'm really impressed! I L O V E D the sound track too, who is that? It kindof sounds like a U2 tune. You have done a marvelous job of editing as well. Is that your sister in the opening still / closing frames? You 2 are so lovely!

BTW, I may have missed it during the BitShares era, but I never saw a picture of "svk" until these posts about steemfest. Should I draw any inference of seeing him in so many of your shots here ;) I don't know him or you very well at all, but I think you 2 make a nice couple, at least visually. The fact you both are Steemians also gives you alot to talk about and something in common. And no, nobody prompted me to say that!

Thank you so much for this. It's going on my phone!

Hahaha I guess it would be an extra thing for Steem to say that Steemfest brings people "together" but truth is that for the moment I am just using his good looks to get the female votes. But I will keep your comment in hand as an opening statement if I ever see him again! Lol
Thank you for your kind words! By the way that's my cousin, and that's Stereophonics "I wanna get lost in you"

THX... so great! I spottet StellaBella and myself! Yay!

Yes I have a nice happy video from you two!

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