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Not being able to attend SteemFest is a huge regret -- I knew it would be. But I just couldn't sort it out. And I was right… It sounds like it was amazing! But I am really glad you all had such a great time.


I heard some talking about the phrase -- "United we stand, divided we fall" and all that bullshit… With the whole US election thing.., and how could we have elected such a divisive man to the highest office in the fucking land!

But, then I thought.., we haven't felt united as a country, a world, or a people in a long time. I mean, come on -- we've been at war for over 15 years… Kind of hard to feel anything.., but shell-shocked. Even with all the globalization that has gone on in the last few decades.., our economies bound together, so tightly.., the access to information from all over the world with the click of a mouse -- heck, there even playing American football in London like every other Sunday!

And still with all that..,
the vibe is more of "every man for yourself"
then "united we stand."

The economic, racial, religious and political divisions have never been greater… Riots and hate crimes flood our news feeds and invade our nightly news. There are protests, just about every night. As the gap between the "haves" and "have nots" grows.., the "privileged" and "everyone else" rises -- so does the division.

With the US president-elect, who has zero experience (besides all his other faults), its hard to imagine things not spinning out of control -- fast. I mean, we are on pretty shaky ground to begin with… Divided by wealth and race like never before.., and there just seems to be a lack of confidence (to put it lightly) in this new leadership.

Then you read the posts from and about Steemfest -- the new friends made, ideas discussed and solutions born… A group of people that only knew each other by some blog posts and funny screen names that came to together, some traveling a great distance to stand, United. To trust in what they felt in their bones about this platform and the people that inhabit it. and they were not disappointed. But to the contrary -- there expectations exceeded!

"Act Without Expectaton." -- Lao Tzu

It's obvious @roelandp is the man -- going above and beyond in effort and results. And all the other steemians that decided -- this was worth it. When benefactors were needed, someone stepped up. When volunteers were needed, someone stepped up. Unlike the world we live in where we are often met with resistance and the word, no. SteemFest was the exact antithesis of the condition of the world we are living in, at the present time.

Is it perfect (what is), do we have our issues.., our divisions -- sure. But like intelligent, evolving human beings, we work it out. When the leaders need to be called-out -- they respond with fact, wisdom and respect. When solutions are needed -- the community responds graciously and overwhelmingly.., with their time, effort, creativity and vast knowledge. We seem to understand, instinctively -- we are stronger together than apart. And for no reason, at all -- except that we each have to decided to trust that feeling we have inside.., that Steemit is something special.

A place we were all drawn to, for one reason or another.., from all over the world. Each with our own lives, our own ideas, our own beliefs, our own talents -- to become one. Like a magnet it drew us in.., a lighthouse calling us calling us home. It has already changed peoples lives and living conditions, greatly -- and at the same time, touched all of us who partake. It is.., a look at -- what is good in this sometimes hopeless world. And a shining example of --

United we stand, divided we fall…

Cheers.., I'll see you at the next one!

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We´ll make it to the next one my friend and then do some poetry slam on stage, yeah! ;-)

I'm sure you'll be there next SteemFest! Hope to see you there :)

You betcha'.... Thanks @sjennon :))

Same here, at least we have some wonderful authors sharing their experiences with us online, and that does give us some sense of involvement

Yeah -- I love the stories and the recap!

Image Source: @sneak (don't sue me)

THIS ^^^ You make me laugh ! :)

Thanks @liondani -- I thought it was pretty funny, myself... :))

You've basically spoken all the things I've been thinking, thanks!!! I am so pleased and impressed with everything I read about steemfest and it feeds my already good feelings about steemit!

Sounds like it was incredible!

There will be others - smaller, localised gatherings and the BIG ones - I hope to meet you at one or another soon :)

@macksby u pretty much sum up a part of what I started to feel @steemfest. While I'm completely new @steemit. It was amazing, I don't even know what to call it. A conference? I never been to a conf like that. A gettoghether of some interesting people with some cool ideas? Whatever it is, I cannot wait on the next one. Just figuring out now what my first post is gonna be.

Thanks @worldofmwenzo... Im glad you had an amazing time -- it looked incredible!
Welcome to Steemit BTW... Write-up a good introduceyourself post, if you are struggling for a topic -- just a thought... CHEERS :))

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