@steemfest 3 finally annouced !!! Japanese Members can participate in my Flight, Hotel giveaway

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Steemfest 3

Finally @roelandp and @steemfest have announced the new Steemfest Location. It is Krakow in Poland. I am super excited to learn that after Amsterdam and Lisboa, we will have our first Steemfest in Eastern Europe



I will announce my give away for this @steemfest shortly in cooperation with the @steemit-jp account. Instead of Donating to the @steemfest Travelfund, i will host an own giveaway for Steemfest Tickets Flights, Traintickets, Hotels for the Japanese Community. I have planned a give away budget of up to 10.000 USD this year.

Are you going to Steemfest 3 ???

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Lifehacks (How to save money,etc) 
SPOTTED (Limited Edition Food, Drinks, Gadgets)
Steemperlen (German Version, Series Ended)
SQUEEZE (Interview Series) 
COOKED (10 Episodes Cooking Series)
Working anytime, anywhere (New series for freelancers)
Frequent Traveller (New series about Travel Hacks and FFPs) 
HEAVEN (NEW Luxury Travel Magazine)
German Sausages

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SteemFest3、とても楽しみにしてます :)


I hope to see you there ;) I have booked my flights already :)


That’s amazing!!
I can’t wait to see you again :)





These are very good news !!!
congratulations dear friend @ knozaki2015, always so gentle and considerate with the people of the platform.
I wish you many successes and prosperity


Dear brother, your words are super kind :)
I also whish you only the very best, stay happy and healthy!!

wow! great opportunity for Japanese people.but i am not japanese.very very sad,i can't get such type of great opportunity


It was an old idea I had but don't worry, i will think about the others in the next ocasion!

Ahh, only for the japanese community? 😊


ha, singapore welcome too ;)
Happily buy you 2 tickets for the steemfest ;)

Hola mi querido amigo, lastima que no soy japones, excelente idea de los concursos, recibe un gran abrazo lleno de mucho cariño @knozaki2015


Hola Perlana, maybe en una proxima oportunidad haha :)
Abrazo muy grande!!

That is a huge give away, hope it is a great Steem Fest.


yes,this is huge opportunity


It will be epic, im sure ;)

Excellent! I wish to belong to Japanese community for join to you and enjoy this Steemifest 3....
I appreciate the japanese culture and its discipline. I think it is a great life style for the world.


I also like it a lot!!
Its going to be mad, u should try to go man!!

This is a great post @knozaki2015 I love it


Really happy to hear that dear @raysa :)

I would like to go​ but in my situation its impossible.


I promise I will keep you informed brou


thanks for that :)
Btw is it true that you're German​?

nice! wish i could go ;)


Well man for those who cant go, I will keep you informed with a special coverage!

amal raya kalam jamil

I am going to join the Steemfest 3!
I plan to take a special plate "Steem Tableware" as well!


Glad to hear that, im sure u wont regret it :)

oh really it's great news steemfest finally i hope its give much benefit to everyone thank you for information i wish i give you 100 vote ^_^


It will be incredible, you are welcome, always happy to inform you guys :)


if you don't mind please UpVote my article because your Rank to Good :) i will be happy

hello knozaki2015


Hi Bro :)


안녕하세요, 안녕하세요?knozaki2015

awesome, Japanese got the opportunity


im glad you like the idea :)

Oh man!!! I'll apply for Japanese citizenship soon so I can get this too, Hahahaha.


hahahha great Idea brother :)

Hiiii @knozaki2015, that's really amazing update about steemfest 3 which is held in Poland. And your services and give aways is awesome effort for this event. Lol


Glad u liked it pal, are you going?? If yes, we will meet there :)


I hope best for you, but unfortunately I could not join this event.

Woah, 10k USD that is a huge giveaway! I would like to try my luck with my girl @jessie901220 😄


yes singapore is inculded too ;)

@knozaki2015 you are indeed generous and always earn my salute and respect! Great news for the Japanese community :) self fork out up to USD10k to unknown people is not an easy decision.


btw. singapore is included too. ;)


That's great to hear it!!! My belief towards Steemit definitely be beneficial from this SteemFest and my mind will again be blown away if I were the lucky pick :)

I have to resteem this post to share with other Singapore committees although it may cause tougher decision for you.


Well the japanese steemit community is super nice, they are all great people but u are also right, its a tough decision!