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Thank you for your kind reply. Oh! You would feel it’s okay to have Jesus on the cross as part of your SteemFest Batch!? That’s very interesting.

By the way, the other thing is that the high swing at the back of the Buddha image is not a Buddhist symbol, it’s a Hindu symbol in front of Wat Su-Tat! That used to be part of a Hindu ceremony which had been stopped a long time ago. It’s part of an offering ceremony where chosen people used to stand on that big swing. It was pushed to great height until someone fell to the ground, a weird kind of offering! But not many people know why the swing was taken away and the ceremony was ordered to end ages ago. If you want to include a Hindu symbol too, I think you ought to include other religious symbols as well. Otherwise people might think of discrimination! We have a large Muslim population followed by Christians and Sikhs.

In fact other religious groups will see this batch as being exclusively for the Buddhists. Here, there is a delicate balance and harmony among all these groups in our society. It’s best not to use religious symbols in your batch.

Symbols do have meaning! And those stars on top of the head of the Buddha is a bad design. Symbols speak very loud!

Any way, it’s your choice and decision. I just hope your design wouldn’t get into the press or regular social media here! I can tell you there’ll be lots of negative feedback. But, then again, this might give you a big exposure in Thai social media in a very short time!

Actually, you might get sued under Thai law by certain groups of extreme people. Last month they just sued a Thai artist for drawing very ‘disrespectful’ Buddha images in her oil paintings! But, some think these paintings are rather cute and light hearted. She and the Dean had to make public apology! The debate caused a big division among people on Facebook and so on.

Good luck.

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We took into account your remarks and refactored our badge. Read more here

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