Giving 100% of My Witness Rewards to Advertising Steem!

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Starting today ALL of my earnings as a Steem witness will fund advertising for Steem! 50% of the rewards will pay Google and Facebook to show ads while 50% will be delegated in Steem Power to authors producing posts which are placed successfully as ads! The accountability for this will remain at where posts each week or two will provide updates with the payments and latest ads! I will also subtract server costs before making any other calculations because these are necessary to maintain the witness! Currently I have paid all the costs for two more months meaning no subtractions for hosting until November or December 2017!

Would you please join 1586 of us in voting for jerrybanfield as a witness at or set jerrybanfield as a proxy because your vote will help increase our Steem advertising budget?


As of October 12, 2017, thank you very much for what you have done to help me receive about 50 blocks a day as witness #27. With the reward being 0.953 Steem Power per block as a backup witness, that equals about 47.65 Steem Power a day equal to about $50 a day at the current price of Steem.

jerrybanfield witness blocks.jpg

Bigger Budget?

Each top 20 witness receives about 260 Steem Power meaning that having me in any top 20 witness slot will provide about $260 A DAY for our ad budget which is over 5 times what I currently receive at rank 27.

On Facebook and Google, the rewards from one top 20 witness are enough for hundreds of thousands of ads to show EVERY DAY! When we show this many ads every single day, we are guaranteeing a significant increase in the demand for Steem on exchanges over the coming months. We can also expect 100 to 1000 new users EVERY DAY from the ad signups and word of mouth marketing follow up!

As the price of Steem increases, my pledge to give 100% of my block production rewards as a top 20 witness (minus server hosting costs) will automatically increase our advertising budget. For example, at $3 Steem price, this will equal $600+ A DAY in ad spend which is enough to show about a half million ads daily. The coming $10 Steem price will equal $2,500+ A DAY in ad spend which is enough for millions of people to see ads for Steem every day. As our numbers of users grow, the demand for Steem will continue to grow and guarantee a price increase regardless of market conditions.

Who Gets Paid?

In spending the rewards, we have two basic systems starting today which pay out after the server hosting costs are prepaid to @privex!

  1. 50% of rewards will be paid to Google and Facebook to show ads using a partial power down equal to the expected rewards the previous week.
  2. 50% of rewards will delegated indefinitely to authors making posts that are formatted correctly for me to copy and paste into ads. In other words, I will maintain an ongoing writing competition to pitch Steem successfully to users clicking on ads and reward authors with lifetime Steem Power delegations for each post I use in the ads!

How to Participate?

Within a year from today, I intend to have ads running for many of our posts on that show to 100,000+ users on Google and Facebook every day! Below are the eight steps I see at making that possible! Participation in any language is welcome!

  1. Would you please make a vote for jerrybanfield as a witness or set jerrybanfield as a proxy to handle all witness votes at because 100% of the rewards I receive will be given back to advertising Steem? Thank you to the 1586 accounts voting for me as a witness, the 739M VESTS assigned from users trusting me to make all witness votes by setting me as proxy, and @followbtcnews for making these .gif images! Vote Jerry Banfield Steem Witness Rank 29 Set JerryBanfield proxy
  2. Prepare ideas for posts optimized to run as ads.
  3. Watch for my post announcing the opening of submissions for STEEMADS. This is where I will begin transitioning to the majority of the ad spend to posts on Steem written by authors that are not me. The announcement post and follow up reports will all be tagged with STEEMADS and shown at I recommend waiting for the announcement with all the details to go forward. Until then, here is what I am planning for now to follow!
  4. Write posts that exactly match the formatting requirements I ask for because these will be optimized to welcome users to Steem immediately after clicks on ads and also give me everything I need to make the ads in one place. Each post will require an image taken by the author with no text which can be used landscape or square preferably 1920 by 1080 pixels along with ad text for Google and Facebook.
  5. Tag the posts with steemads as the primary tag to make the submission.
  6. I will review the posts in the order of trending and submit as many correctly formatted posts as I can into both Google and Facebook to show as ads.
  7. Each post that is approved as an ad on Google and Facebook will result in a delegation of Steem Power as my thank you which will provide an indefinite increase in the voting power for the user receiving the delegation at the exact same rate as having that much Steem powered up would. This will be done from a pool to help users earn rewards evenly over time.
  8. I will make reports about once a week or two sharing how the ads are performing and continue accepting submissions indefinitely.

Witness Servers

If you are curious about my witness servers being prepared for a top 20 slot, here are my current specs for my witness server, seed node, and backup server.

2x Intel Xeon E5-2630 V3
2x 240GB SSDs
1Gbit/s connection

To summarize my server performance so far, I have missed one block in 3 months out of around a thousand received. I have a sever, a seed node, and am almost finished setting up 1 backup server while also planning to get a second backup server. Every single server is capable of handling a block every 63 seconds indefinitely. I am finishing an automatic failover system with conductor that will allow automatic switching of servers when just a few misses are detected to minimize blocks missed and provide the best user experience on Steem. For version updates, I will be able to switch servers between blocks without missing a block or having to disable!

Let's Rock!

If you have already voted for me as a witness and are wondering how else you can help right away, would you make a post about why you are voting for me as a witness like @cryptoctopus did at because this will help us collaborate in raising over $100,000 a year to advertise our community here?

Jerry Banfield


Note that this comment is funded with almost all self upvotes from accounts all under control of @nextgencrypto :) The irony of suggesting I am a scammer and then upvoting $16 in your own comments is pretty thick!

You ARE a scammer. Ripping people off left and right for information that is readily available. Just because your followers are completely oblivious doesn't mean we're going to allow you to continue to scam them.

Why is it called a scammer if I may ask..

I would like to know what is happening here.
yesterday I received a lot of flags or negative votes just because I laughed at a photo that put a user at random and I saw that not only to me that all the comments in a post were marked by at least 6 or 8 negative votes. Is there any whale fighting going on?
I think it's fine who wants to fight like children voting negative comments but please do not splash those who have nothing to do with all this.

using the steemworld application you can see who are the ones who voted negatively and without any justification to me and to all the users who commented on that post

Took the suggestion right out of my mouth.

Have you considered dedicating a potion of the rewards to a non-advertising related source? That might broaden the appeal of this (generous) witness-block sharing initiative.

After the costs for server maintenance, this (100% share) represents a substantial financial loss to Jerry to implement. Anyone should consider that before criticizing. According to Anyx (witness), it is a couple hundred dollars per day.

Currently my server costs are about $500 to $600 a month and I will get a third server when I am in the top 20 to add depth to my backup. Anxy has a lot higher costs I think because of the bots he runs like @cheetah. In the future I think witness voters especially at the top will prefer to vote for witnesses that are transparent about the earnings and the expenses related to being a witness.

"Anxy has a lot higher costs I think because of the bots he runs like @cheetah."

Yep, that's one thing I learned while doing his entry in the witness reports. Cheetah is surprisingly expensive!

I suppose it makes sense that keeping a cheetah is not economically efficient.

this is a good step in the right direction, but the community has it's eyes on you, so best to move carefully in the future. find some trusted counsel that can advise you on important decisions (every single $100+ post is an important decision).

"(every single $100+ post is an important decision)."

Salient words of wisdom that are easy to forget.

"find some trusted counsel that can advise"

This is also sage advice.

Thank you I am checking with my wife more often on posts now and also reducing my posting frequency to once daily because so far every time I have went above this it has caused a problem!

a lot of people think that you are a total scam artist jerry. I want to believe that you are trying to "go clean". However, you've already admitted to a scamdalous history, so why not take the high road? Prove everyone wrong.

Do you notice how certain top witnesses decline pay on certain posts, rarely vote on themselves, and spend a lot of time working for the community in ways that are not directly and immediately beneficial to themselves?

You have stuck your neck out there by being the most visible, and you've pulled a few wildcards.

What you do from today forward makes all the more difference!

Also, a few vlogs about being a witness that explain how hard it is, how much work it is, and how it is a monumental task to become a top witness, so anyone who wants to do it should do it for the benefit of the community, and don't spend anything they expect to get back in the immediate future.

The people who come to be a witness from you seem to be a disgruntled bunch, because you're selling pipe dreams.

Everyone has a valid opinion whether I agree with it or not! The person saying "I am amazing and the best ever" is just as right as the person I am claiming I am a total scam artist. It all depends on how we look at the world. I appreciate your feedback and have an Ubuntu Linux server security tutorial nearly finished as well as progress on a witness setup video tutorial all of which will be available free.

Great initiative @jerrybanfield! Good for you, good for us all!!!

I want to thank you for such a powerful decision that will empower all of us on the long run. Keep it up, keep your smile, Steem on, thrive on and Namaste :)

Thank you Eric!

Isn't this what you tried to do when you were shilling for DASH - proposing a scheme where you're given a bunch of money "for advertising?"

And isn't this the reason why you were run out of town by the other DASH masternodes, had your public meltdown, sold your own masternode, and ended up here on Steemit...doing nearly the exact same thing?

I rarely go to my Home page, but when I do I get these kinds of awesome posts. Can anyone tell me who else is putting the equal or close level of efforts as Jerry is? I want to follow every single Steemians who is impacting Steemit community like he is. Please recommend me who are most influential Steemians that we as a Steemians should follow. Thanks in advance. When you google, You find Jerry, When you youtube, You find Jerry, When you Dtube, You find Jerry, When you search for Steemit infos, You find Jerry, When you see Steemit Ads, You find Jerry. Common man, You say this is your only job as of now, I hope you are doing okay with your Youtube and other side revenues. Is there a way to put all of my 30 witnesses votes on you?(Just being sarcastic) Keep up your good work, Jerry!! Proud to be connected with you. Here's my Thank you on my Article I posted 5 days ago

Upvoted for Visibility

Many of the most influential Steemians, particularly the top witnesses, are not the most visible, as they handle other (often technical) duties.

See the series I have written (and posted on Jerry's blog) called "Meet The Witnesses", or check my "Witnesses Remastered" posts for more information.

Thank you @lexiconical . I would definitely read those article. Thank you for responding and give infos.

Happy to help out!

Jay thank you very much for sharing so much support here! I am grateful the author rewards are so consistent on Steem which is enough for me as a paycheck in addition to YouTube and everything else. In my posts I try to link to link to those that help me the most as @lexiconical mentioned especially for the witness series!

how to make my investment
thank you

Just great! I want to thank you because i got into Steemit because of an Ad you posted on Facebook, even though i wasn't a follower of you before, you are certainly reaching some spheres out there that Steemit needs to be know everywhere!

The fact that concerns me a little is that as the Sign Up process takes some time, people gets frustrated and start giving twisted info to the rest of the market, calling Steem a Ponzi or a Scam, and that's because they don't yet understand a blockchain.

Steemit has around 500k users, and the blockchain guarantees transactions with no fees and inmediately.

As every Upvote, Comment or Post, is a transaction itself, duplicating the users of the network would mean duplicating the transactions that the blockchain needs to mantain, and in order to keep it fees-less and inmediate, the growth of the network needs to be slow but steady.

So i propose you to invest less in Advertising and Investing more on good content HERE on Steemit.

The delegation IDEA is JUST AMAZING! The best way of getting the people in the mood of curating good content, that should be the very end of this platform.

I want to congratulate you again for that amazing work you're doing, because one way or another we (Steemians) are all benefiting from the doors you're knocking in other Social Networks.

STEEM ON My friend, thanks a lot.

Thank you very much for your suggestion here @erodriguezc11! With what you said in mind, maybe I will adjust the percentage to even more delegation and a smaller amount for the ads? Steemit fortunately is building a much better signup process which hopefully will be available soon!

Delegate to verified users that have a credible introduceyourself post. Early on people could signup for an account on facebook, and then go to steemit, repeat, repeat, repeat.

That would be very nice initiation.Good work @jerrybanfield.
I have been your follower since past 3 years on all of the social media networks.
You don't know it but you have helped me a lot to make a living online through your Udemy course. I Consider myself as one of your good student on udemy.

In fact, I am here because of you. Yes I was your post about Steemit and that got me here before 4 months, But I'm still having trouble on finding the right path here.

So, this comment is ,as my request to you to make a full course on steemit A-Z. That would be very much helpful for lots of newbies like me who are very much struggling to grow on this community.

With Much Love and Respect.

Thank you for sharing your journey with me here! Would you visit because the second coupon has a link to my Steem video course free?

Nice work Jerry!!! The effort you put into steem is amazing!!!

Are you an investor or trader, @tegs79?
Why you don't blog anything?
Nice to see you .

Just curious if you've taken into consideration why steemit doesn't yet advertise itself.
Maybe you should take a cue.

The demand of Sign Ups is high enough i think, the process of approval of each account is what makes the process slower, but i guess it is because of the stability of the blockchain.

As every post, comment, upvote is a transaction itself, duplicate the users could mean duplicate the traffic, and at the end duplicating the transactions.

Steemit is great because you make all those kind of transactions with NO FEES and in A SECOND, that makes Steemit better than any other cryptofunded project around, because it has a Coin 100% usable.

But in order to keep the stability and taking the scalability into account, the Sign Up process should take some time, as it is doing right now. Great for us that are already in making good content!

#keepsteemin my friend!

Steem is doing some of their own ad campaigns and it seems most companies hire help with ads. For example, Apple paid a fortune for an ad agency to do their ads as explained in the Steve Jobs biography I read.

Yeah, but...

Those are actually good advertising agencies. They're not @jerrybanfield with his clown hat and "Butters" faces and bad trading/investment advice.

This is a major boss move, is there anything else the community can do help you out @jerrybanfield ? :)

Yes when I start asking for posts for the ads, anyone writing an amazing post can help out a lot!

This is a great idea. Using the money to put back into advertising for Steemit is good . . and its good for the platform.

I mean, theoretically, all the witness money could just go to the witness? Or is there a certain amount of money that needs to be delegated to enriching the platform here?

The more we can devote directly to growing Steem, the more we can expect the Steem we already have to grow in value!

Makes perfect sense to me Jerry. Absolutely.

Jerry best! It's real work to make steem great.

Nice Bren thank you for doing so many of the pictures!

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Excellent idea! Kudos to you! I am looking at setting up a witness server myself right now. I will vote for you as witness, for sure.

Thank you Jerry, Well done... I hope to reach a point in the future I could also do that.. I had a milstone myself todat after 117 days of hard work

I hope you like this.. my daughter made a fantastic contribution for Steemfest art festival

I hop you saw the post of my daughter yesterday... she is flabbergasted.. today I introduced something which I hope will be a suc6 and that I get more seen on steemit

As long as the book keeping is kept very neat and transparent, you've got my vote. This is an especially needed service that you are providing.

Just make sure you don't smile too much or articulate too well initially, or those poor Facebook users might mistake it for a microaggression...

Keep it going @jerrybanfield, this is very good initiative.

Hi Jerry! Just voted for you as a witness. Because you are a Steem Jedi Warrior ;)

Good job, you are helping steemit to become mainstream!

An excellent post and a great initiative by @jerrybanfiled sir ...

I have full support fo this and I have also upvoted you as witness ...

Thank you so much...steem on and stay blissful...

Jerry Banfield making money as he goes!!!

Hi can someone summarize what he said in the post, its very long and theres alot terms that he used that I dont know?

Sure! I am giving back all my witness rewards to ads for Steem paid to Google and Facebook along with delegations to authors here for writing posts I can use as ads!


Hi Jerry, found out about this from your youtube! Now I am here :D

Subbed and liked as you would say over there hehe

Wao, this is a wonderful return you are given back to this great community, you earn a vote from me.

Hi Jerry.

I wanted to make you aware that someone has attempted to profit off of your content in this post HERE.

They have been reported to Steemcleaners, so I expect they will not be seeing the return they hoped for. Just thought you might want to know. :-)

They were advised to edit their post, responded to the comment, but did not change their post. Shrug

Have a great evening!

Mike thank you for noticing!

Wow Jerry you certainly seem to out beat yourself every time! Not sure where you are getting all the ideas. All I can say is that you're great at it!

Best wishes, - @splendorhub

Nice initiative.
I made a nice choice of upvoting you to witness.:)

Greatwork @jerrybanfield. Resteemed.

You're the best Jerry, thank you for working tirelessly for us here in the Steemit community. Wish I could make it to Steemfest this year, next year I'll definitely be there and I look forward to meeting you then! You've got my vote as a witness, I'll try to get my followers to vote for you too. 👍

We have to reinvest in dtube first! still not very reliable!

Great thinks are about to come. Good initiative @jerrybanfield? Let power be with you!

Great post.resteem with upvote.everybody follow me @cryptomaker

Really motivating! Follow me guys and I will follow back ;)

I'm looking forward to steem skyrocketing in value from all those ads. thanks :-)

True, Jerry makes a lot for steem community

What's the minimum internet speed a witness server needs?

A really useful video..liked it

You're definitely on the right track when it comes to this advertising stuff! You're the reason I followed along from Facebook...

Great post jerry

i like reading your post @jerrybanfield, keep it up!

Waste of money, Steem is gonna be great anyway, sooner or later :)

This sounds like a good idea! I came here because of you :) Keep going that way!

Great work jerry!!❤❤

Hello @jerrybanfield you don't need to promote Steem. It's price will promote itself in a couple of weeks xDDD. check it HERE. But very good movement nonetheless.
Congrats on the work done

Steem is down on the Marketcap list on 25th place and the price of Steem is now just above a $1. I cant wait to see Steem Sky rocket like Bitcoin did today.

This sounds like a great 👍 idea 💡, way to go 🏆

Someguy123 is a well-known developer (top 3% at Bitrated) of third-party applications for both Litecoin and Steem. His skills include python, javascript and PHP, as well as system administration.

He has been personally vouched for by Charlie Lee, also known as the creator of Litecoin. He’s developed a number of projects, including Lite Vault, Explorer, Steem Center, and the AnonSteem service which allows another vector for registering new users onto the Steemit platform.

hy jerry! I speak dutch italian romanian french if you want we can do some videos together about steem and cryptocurrency. I follow you on steem and i ve seen your videos on youtube. You made me a good amout of money with your advise. Thank to you i kept my coins in july and i am happy now. So let me know if you want to hook you up with some videos in those languages? I will be happy to do so! Most of the people in italy or romania dont speak english so like this we can aply to 120 million people?!

Good. Keep on going and we follow.

I am already part of the group that vote you as a witness ❤

That's true dedication. You rock Jerry!

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Jerry u are doing amazing work.. We will always support u

but how do i log into steemit on google chrome... it only works on firefox for me, do anyone know why? @jerrybanfield

Follow me @amazingtech I will follow all my followers

That's pretty cool.
Go Jerry!

The future for steemit looks bright!! Thanks for helping the community!

Very nice jerry keep doing good brother.

Will certainly do my best coz having an adwords licence previously couldn't generate money via display ads, now why not grow in here blogging.
I have learned so much of about steem thanks to You !
You should be surely focusing in India, as it has a large tech savvy gen next who really need an appropriate platform....
So you being a social media magnet just has to cast the spell........

Congratulations @jerrybanfield!
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good initiative. keep up the good work.

Looking foreward

Thank you very very much for sharing :)

This post it´s worth to be readed more than once jerrybanfield for me this is pure gold really!, checking right now some tutorials to become a witness in a few weeks! thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise on this!

Wow, Jerry. I talk about Steemit being a long game right now but you are putting your money where your mouth is. I'm in awe.

Thanks for your continuous effort, jerry.

this is lovely @jerrybanfield. you are a kind person. keep up the good work

great work @jerrybanfield.. I am following your foot steps.. Thank you for being our guide..

Jerry you just join steemit 4 months ago and you are doing great work for steemit thanks jeery for that's much.

Bravo Jerry, you are an example that shows an example of how to love and promote Steemit.
You believe 100% in the development of Steemit, we are all with you. I invest everything into Steemit Power.

you have my vote as witness

wow, its amazing that you are willing to just give this away to advertise for steemit. I am definitely adding you as a witness and will spread the word to try to help you in this cause.

This sounds awesome Jerry! I will think about my post to serve as an ad!

Hi Jerry! you got my vote!! I also enrolled on your course but still strugling to understand everything