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RE: The Road to Steem Fest | Planning, wanting, doubting on going to SF? Write about it!

in #steemfest2 years ago

We must all go! We must storm Bangkok with a spirit of community, share knowledge, hug one another, sing karaoke together and have the most unforgettable experiences, like last year! Wishing... hoping... crossing fingers!!

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Oh yess, I'm really hoping to meet again some of those lovely people I met for the first time in Poland, I'd be very happy to see you again Jayna! Crossing fingers :)

Can't wait! (Because in my heart of hearts, I think I'll get there somehow.)

Yes, yes and YESSSS!!! Yup, need to do all those things! I couldn't have said it better myself! Lots of hugs and singing :) See YOU in Bangkok @jayna!!!

Ya ya ya... Hugs! To you @misslasvegas @jayna @anomadsoul! 🧡😁😉😍😘

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