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RE: SteemFest Release of the Steem Promotional Video and @Cardiff Talk on the Finance of Steemit.

in #steemfest6 years ago (edited)

It has been freaking awesome! The team really did a gangbuster job and everyone has been such a thrill to have fun with in a rocking city. I wish you could have came as well. You were nominated for an award!! You didn't win it but I was happy to see your name up there! Sorry for the blurry photo.


followed ! so i don't miss a thing! lol
who was nominated for an award?
wish i could see that pic bigger.. lol

@Everlove won the award. She was so gracious. It was really a nice moment.

that is awesome! i didn't even know they were giving away awards? i hope I can make it to the next steemfest :)

i see it now! cool! thanks for sharing this !

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