SteemFest Release of the Steem Promotional Video and @Cardiff Talk on the Finance of Steemit.

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SteemFest has been Absolutely Amazing!!

Day Two of Steemfest has wrapped up. We have learned so much today from Team @BlockPay, @Cardiff and of course the talk by @Steemcleaners alongside @Firepower. I also want to mention that @RoelandP and the SteemFest team have really done an outstanding job. We are having an amazing time thanks to their flawless event!!

I wish I had the time to attend all of the talks but we managed to see a few and still have time to talk business with clients and other Steemians. Thanks to the @Steemcleaners I now have a better understanding of the threat of plagiarism on the Steemit platform. We really need to come together as a community to fight this looming problem. The project is looking for volunteers if you are interested.

I did record one talk by @Cardiff because he is so passionate about the Steemit economy. His ideas were truly inspiring and I hope we see some of them get implemented over time. The idea that the unbanked will have an opportunity to earn interest with SBD (Steem Dollars) is wonderful. Please take the time and watch the video I recorded of his talk. I missed the first minute which I really regret not recording. You can find the video further down the page.

Ned Scott Opens SteemFest.

@HeidiTravels Talks About How Steemit has Expanded Her Travel Opportunities.

The Release of Steem Film by Mrs. Steemit!!

Making of the Film

Talk about Steem Finance by @Cardiff at SteemFest.

@Chris4210 Talks About @BlockPay

@TatianaMoroz Sings The Bitcoin Song at SteemFest.

We are Having so Much Fun Meeting Our Fellow Steemians.

If you are here in Amsterdam and we have not had a chance to meet yet please say hi. I know it is daunting with so many amazing people at the conference but we really want to put a face to the names we interact with on the Steemit platform.


Looks like there's loads going on there and your all having fun :)

We turned in for the night but the party is still rocking. They have been going 24/7. This city is absolutely stunning and a great place to do an event. Getting a good rest tonight because I want to be able to function tomorrow.

They have far to much steem lol I would have to be in bed this time too, leave the young ones to party, at least you won't have a hangover in the morning :)

It has been freaking awesome! The team really did a gangbuster job and everyone has been such a thrill to have fun with in a rocking city. I wish you could have came as well. You were nominated for an award!! You didn't win it but I was happy to see your name up there! Sorry for the blurry photo.

followed ! so i don't miss a thing! lol
who was nominated for an award?
wish i could see that pic bigger.. lol

@Everlove won the award. She was so gracious. It was really a nice moment.

that is awesome! i didn't even know they were giving away awards? i hope I can make it to the next steemfest :)

i see it now! cool! thanks for sharing this !

@cardiff gave an awesome speech full of power and enthusiasm. I like his idea and I'm looking forward to see the first Steem Bank coming to life soon. The best was the stomp at the speech! Loved the show.

Absolutely, it was fantastic!

Fantastic to meet with you, I had a blast!

You also, we are so thrilled to have met the people we have met on this amazing platform.

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Thank you for the support!!

I'm glad to see that you made it to Steemfest. It should help you a lot back at home with your 200social efforts. I'm really looking forward to learning how Steemfest has affected you and the impact on your future posts.

It was definitely nice seeing a few clients here. We were mostly here as spectators but have made some great new contacts as well. It has been a fabulous event and we still have all day today!

Nice, others are curious to see how your recent travels impact you guys too. (Y)

Great post man. Appreciate the coverage as I'm 3000 KMs away.


@klye - followed you, I saw in the @papa-pepper post about his deer, that you are in SK. I am east of Toronto - good to connect with other #Canadastan people.

I am so happy you guys are there. Really. I have said it a lot. I know the last 2 weeks of travel/show prep has been nuts for you guys. Great resources and updates in this blog post!! I am going to watch this video in the next hour after I do something at home I have to right now. RS and UV for you as always. Thanks for the updates on here and the help on my earlier post!!! Say hi to Ana

Thank you Barry, enjoy! So much going on but I knew Steemfest was going to be special.

Bummed to be in Panama right now.

Thanks for the updates.
Have fun!

Never bad to be in Panama ; ). I can't wait to feel warm again.

awesome! looks like so much fun!

It has been, they really went above and beyond.

Thanks for the great report, sharing this is so valuable for those of us who couldn't attend STEEMfest. (And who are now kicking themselves cause it looks so awesome)

You are welcome Stephen! I have not written in a while and I know everyone is wondering what the heck is going on over here. It really was a great way for the community to build a solid foundations of relationships.

Not to mention a great excuse to hang out in Amsterdam! Wish I could have pulled it off.

Cool!!! Thanks for sharing, @hilarski. Would love to be there right now!!!

Got to make the next one. It is such a great way to build a strong foundation in the community.

Yeah!!! Will make it for sure :-)

@cardiff 's speech was really intense. All were great events.

It was my favorite so far. His passion really comes through.

Congratulations on your trip, my friend @hilarski. Enjoy the festival. thanks for sharing

I wish you could have made it. I would love to see us do an event in Panama so that our fellow Latin and South American Steemians could make it.

eso seria fantástico. disfrute de su estadía. muchas felicidades

Holy cow that Steem Film is great, I'm going social with it now. Can't wait to watch the finance one, thanks for posting Randy!

Yes Aaron and the team did an amazing job. We got the sneak peak in Argentina last week and wanted to share it right away but we knew it was better to wait until Steemfest.

You're right they did! Hope you have a great rest of the weekend.

He is a genuinly cool guy and he was a wonderful partner, both of them was very social and had a smile for everyone around them.
I am glad to meet you both guys in person. following from now on.

It was so great to meet you, you are such a sweet person! I can't wait to see you again next year :)

Thanks for informative breakdown of the days happenings, the video really helps to understand some of the behind the scenes planning @hilarski

When SteemFest will bring to São Paulo/Brasil? Have an ideia?!
Or someone knows about...

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