THANK YOU, Steemit, from the Entire HardFork Series Team!

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Another epic SteemFest has come to a close and we’re all grateful for the support you showed our project in Lisbon. The presentation of our teaser trailer at the Montes Claros on Friday (11/3) at 1:30 will go down as a day our team will remember for a long time. The incredible feedback we received made the past four months of hard work more than worth it.

We hope you enjoy this slideshow of photos our team took the day of our presentation at the Montes Claros. There are also photographs from Saturday’s incredibly fun Art at SteemFest workshop at the LxFactory, which was taught by @Opheliafu. The talented Ophelia led the group in making their own optical eye hack and showcased the many fruits of her highly creative mind, including SteemPunk drones. The LxFactory, a former nineteenth century textile factory complex, was infused with an undeniably charming artistic vibe.

Thank you @ned, @roelandp, and the entire Steemit team for all of your hard work in making SteemFest² a creamy and delicious success!

Yours in the chain,
The HardFork Team

(All photos original. Slide show track is A Buena Vista by Soneros de Verdad.)

@HardFork-Series is an upcoming narrative film mini-series with a decentralized filmmaking approach to be produced in New York City and around the world, the team includes writer @ericvancewalton, writer/director @dougkarr, star and writer @bakerchristopher, writer @the-alien, executive producer @andrarchy, producer @skycorridors, growth hacker @nickytothenines, the amazing HardFork-Universe crew, and the entire Steemit community. Please reach out to any and all of us to get involved, or simply reply below and we'll reach out!

We'd also love it if people posted about their ideas on Steemit using the #hardforkseries tag, we just want to point out that in order to avoid any liability that we will be assuming everything posted within that tag is intended to be a derivative work of the HardFork series and so the HardFork team cannot be liable for any apparent similarities between the content and the final product.

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Thank you for the support and inspiration. The artistic vibe of the morning was created by the Steemians who came and created with great enthusiasm.

Such an amazing worshop @opheliafu! So amazing to meet and hang out in person after already feeling so lucky to have gotten to do so much amazing collaboration over the last months. Can't wait for more!

Me too!

You are a true artist!

Thanks for sharing with us all!

We really enjoyed the workshop, you are so very talented.

It was a huge pleasure meeting a big part of the HF team in person at Steemfest!

That trailer was absolutely mind-blowing. I guess people would have been applauding until the next day if you'd just let them doing so :-)

Really looking forward to everything that follows in the context of @hardfork-series!

So crazy cool to meet you @surfermarly! Thanks so much for the very kind and enthusiastic words. Super excited to hang out again soon.

The pleasure was ours! Glad you enjoyed the trailer, @surfermarly. We're excited to share more in the coming months. : ) Thanks for the kind words!

Congrats on getting your presentation done and I hope it helps you get even more exposure to the series and even more attention!

Thanks so much!

Thanks, we appreciate it!

Has the trailer been posted somewhere on Steemit?

Not yet.......... but soon....

Can't wait!

This was my favorite presentation at the entire SteemFest!

So excited!

Full Steem Ahead!

last few weeks i am hearing about HardFork Series.. by reading some articles, i started to love this series.. i am pretty excited for the presentation of teaser trailer... i wish HardFork Series Team all the best and must be rewarded for last 4 months hard work! keep rocking....

We appreciate the interest. Thanks!

Its nice post .i like this post and restem

Thank you for your upvote my comments i am happy


Thanks @badol1994!

love this, what a fun video! so glad it all went well.

We appreciate that Ruth! Thank you!

Is the teaser trailer to be found anywhere else than the live recorded presentation?

A newer, updated version will be made available on Steemit early next year. We can't wait to share it!

Upvoted / Resteemed / Peace

Thank you!