Steemfest Day 2 - Gringa Steemfest Travel Series: pt.6

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Hey everyone! So, I did already warn you I have lots more pictures to share so today I'm sharing some from the second day at steemfest

Day 2 involved some great presentations. Just like the first day however, it was split up so that you had to choose between room 1 and room 2 so unfortunately I couldn't see them all but I really enjoyed the ones I did.

Oh, and the venue, WOW!

The first talk I sat in was @quinneaker and he talked about his vision for the future and how great it was to be at Steemfest.

I also got to meet some new friends and there are so many but there just wasn't the opportunity to get photos with everyone, but you guys know who you are. I finally met @heiditravels!

I also got to meet @rea

and @luzcypher

and @joythewanderer

@silviabeneforti and @paolobeneforti

After lunch we all gathered for a group photo on the most gorgeous balcony where @timsaid (If you aren't already following him you should be. His photography is insane!) played with his drone and got some incredible footage and stills.

Haha, and @karensuestudios must have been feeling on top of the world as she stoon on @acromott shoulders.

Oh, and I am so excited about the Hardfork series and the presentation by @dougkarr, @andrarchy, and @ericvancewalton was brilliant. If you aren't following them or you haven't seen the trailer you need to go do both.

Also, I just loved listening to my close friend @allasyummyfood give a wonderful (and so personal and raw) presentation on her journey to where she. Guys, this girl has worked her butt off to get where she is and I must say I admire her so much for that. If you aren't following her yet, you need to be! Oh, and spoiler alert ->>> we might be planning a collaboration! I got to spend some quality time with her and her boyfriend @ivargereiko

The @sndbox project is something I'm really excited about too! @voronoi and @hansikhouse pretty much blew my mind with their creativity and passion for their work and @terrybrock was a great mc.

I also enjoyed hearing what @wmougayar talked about. Then finally the fireside chat with @ned ( interviewed by @andrewmcmillen )had everyone interested and after that @sneak and @blocktrades announced the hackathon winners and I was so excited to see my friends (who I somehow didn't get a picture of, ooops ) @oroger and @martibis were the winners and @phenom a runner up.

The food this day was also delicious. lunch was an array of soup, sandwiches, pasta, and a traditional Portuguese dish with fish and potatoes. Then some yummy sweets to finish!

And finally, dinner was another spread of fancy fair served with beautiful presentation. I think it was split pea soup, followed by a delicious duck and mashed yam combo that had a hint of citrus. Can we all agree that @roelandp really outdid himself with the planning??? Of course, then you have to have a sweet to finish and they served a keylime cheesecake that was so lovely I just sat (and stood) photographing it!

Then it was time to ride the buses back to the hotel to try and catch a few hours of sleep before the next day (which I'll be sharing next!)


ALL CONTENT IS MINE AND ORIGINAL! All of these photos were taken with my Nikon D5300 and my favorite Lens, the Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G. You can find out more in my INTRO POST. And by the way, to all the minnows out there, my intro post did a huge $0.21

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AND A HUGE MASSIVE SHOUT OUT TO@rigaronib for designing my logo!!!! 

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That was a fantastic day. I learned so much, way more than what I was expecting!!


I learned so much also. My head is still spinning!

Without question, I am going next year. I wander where it will be?


You are absolutley correct, without question you are going next year. And next year you'll have all of your music with you!!


I didn't know that this was your first day at SteemFest, then that explains why I didn't run into you until the last day.

Anyways, it was great meeting you! Perhaps I'll need to post a compilation of my dofferent food photos to get your professional review😊. Hope you had a safe trip home and that we get to see eachother again at SteemFest3!

Oh, and @Susanne recognized you immediately in on of my onsta pictures 😜


Thanks @fredrikaa, it was so great meeting you as well!


great post sir

your post is very fun for me to read. some great fish photos pose with you, your trip in steemfest must be very fun. maybe in steemfest next year you will meet me @ green07 :-) :-). and I will also shake hands with some great fish to get the pleasure you feel in this year steemfest. thank @gringalicious


I'm so glad you liked it @green07!


I am also very glad to you already willing to reply to my comments :-)

Wow! Great material! Have a great time there!


Thanks @makishart

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I wish to see this logo soon when I post about food

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Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive cake! Lol I really want that first cake now. Hehe
Looks like you had a great time with some epic food :)


Yes you are welcome.
always success

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nice photo
Your photos are very beautiful
great post


you welcome

So many amazing people! Looks amazing there! I wish I was there, meeting all those people and you haha!


Oh, well maybe you can go to the next one @rkrijgsman! Rumor is that it's gonna be in the States.


Really? That would be awesome. Then I will put a vacation to go along with it!

Great pics. Enjoyed them. Upvoted and following u as always.
Regards Nainaz


I would like you to edit my bald spot out please :) Great week, talks and meeting everyone.


Hehe, so funny. It was good to see you at Steemfest. Thanks for reading @s0u1!

Really nice impressions, thanks for sharing @gringalicious!


Thanks @future24! Looking forward to seeing you next year!

I want to go to Steemfest next year. It looks like so much fun. Thanks for all the recommendations of people to read and follow.


Oh, you're welcome @chefsteve! I really do hope you enjoy all of my friend's posts!

Hi my dear! These very beautiful shots with our steemians friends, you are very lucky that you met them, i hope next year i can travel , so all looks excellent especially the food.


Oh, so sweet of you @creativewoman! Thanks!

Oh My! All the food!


Haha, yes it was lovely @thepinksuitcase!

Wow ! Thanks so much for sharing @gringalicious ! Awesome photos , and the food looks fantastic ! 😋😋😋✌👍💕


So glad you liked it @karenmckersie!

Such a great time!! The different venues were so much fun! OMG the food and the drink...SOOO good!!
I felt so treated to hang with all the friends and eat and drink so many yummy things!


Likewise @acromott! I can't wait for the next one!

so this is the best meeting.


Is that a question?

oh, you gathered with steemians and had an awesome time at steemfest!

Oh my gosh! Is it wrong that all I can do is stare at that delicious cheesecake? I think that should be what I'm most jealous of for missing Steemfest ;-)


Thanks @playfulfoodie! I'm hoping to see you at the next one.

Man that food looks good! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for taking the time to comment on my post @jenkinrocket

It was lovely meeting you too :) I was really impressed with your self-taught photography skills... look forward to seeing more of your great articles!


You are so sweet @rea. I'll do my best not to disappoint

Life is uncertain Eat dessert first.
One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.


I think you are on to something there

I simply love your articles, what great content and quality of posting you offer the community here on Steemit and abroad.

Thanks a lot :)


Thanks so much for commenting on my post @dhimanyog

hey @gringalicious,,,,,
keep up the good work in steemfest. best of luck. very very nice your photo and every person's photo is awesome.


Thank you so much @robert31! So sweet of you!


thank you very much @gringalicious..... lovely comment. i like you.loving to your blog.

Wow, everything looks first class!


It was so amazing!!

Lots of food, friends and fun! Love the pics.


Thanks @tesscooks4u! So good to hear from you!

Very nice to meet you on the final day. I like your photo of Ned and I at the fireside chat session. Do you have any other photos taken from that session? If so, would you mind sharing them in a reply? Thank you!


I will take a look, Andrew. Probably tomorrow morning, I'll be able to send you any that I find.

An absolute pleasure to meet you as well


Hey, following up on this! :)


Sorry, I looked and did not find any others. Sorry I did not get back to you sooner


No problem, thanks!

Hello @gringalicious, thank you for sharing this moment that should really be very interesting. I wish I could participate next year. Looking forward to reading you


stay posted and keep steeming on. You must attend next year if at all possible.

thanks gringa for this report, very nice pictures, also from the second room :) (I had not seen it att all :D) please note both rooms had been streamed and will be cut to individual talks soon to be released on youtube, so you can check out what you missed.

kind regards, roeland


Roeland, I know you have heard this on numerous occasions, but I wanted to tell you once again, thank you so very much for all of your intensive work in making this event happen. I've told so many that words won't describe how awesome it was, you just had to be there. Thanks for all of the organization to make this life changing experience possible!

I have an idea(s) for a fun food event for steemfest3. We can talk in a few months about it.

so many familiar faces, and that food is making me hungry! love these posts of your journey and experiences there thx for sharing


Wish you could have been there @doitvoluntarily. You've go to put it on your calendar for next year.

Wow~!! So nice pictures~!!
I have been great meet to you STEEMFEST2 DAY4 (LX factory) in Lisbon~!
You are nice photographer!
I hope to see you next STEEMFEST3 and
keep touch :)


Thanks so much @successtrainer. Wasn't the time at LX factory so much fun?

Wow! Great material Nice to have you back enjoyed reading your post thank for sharing upvote & resteem


thanks so much for the continued support @mannyfig1956

I am pretty sure you had a great time over there. I am have recently seen a lot of Steemians posting out on Steemfest and I was wondering when will it be the next time I am joining. Anyways, it is great to see you enjoyed it and keep up with your post. I like it very much and looking forward for more. Seems like you're a real foodie too, check me out on @explorernations ? I blogs about food and travel too :D


Thanks @explorernations. You should go to steemfest3. Stay tuned, I suspect they'll announce where it will be in the next few months so that every one can plan

Splendid moments! Gotta meet you there one day, Tori. 🙆


For sure, you have go to next year, it is a must

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oh wow that was wonderful :D


Thanks so much @blazing

vow wonderful post , let me know more about steemfest , thanks for your hard work !


Thanks for your supportive comments @bxt.

I have to admit, you're one lovely person! It really was great to meet you.

Wasn't that cheesecake delicious?

See you soon xx


You are too kind It was a pleasure to have met you, I do wish we would have had more time. I know I could learn a lot from you. But, we will surely meet again. My Dad and Mom want to spend some more time in the UK, perhaps early next year. Who knows, perhaps we can meet for a spot of tea? :-)

If I don't make it to the UK soon, then I'll for sure see you at steemfest3.

Really great and motivating to see all those famous Steemit names together in the same photos :)


Perhaps you'll be one of the famous steemians in next year's photos? You really have to go. No amount of words will describe how awesome it was


haha maybe! We'll see :)

Oh I'm definitely stealing that awesome collage of @sndbox. Awesome documentation gringa!


absolutely, it is yours to be had. I hope it helps you in some way. Have a great weekend!

thanks for the impressions! 🔥

Check out our cheap US flight deals every day! ✈️ Enjoy 😉

Just.. perfect ! :-)


Oh, thank you so much @roxane! I enjoyed our time together at steemfest so much!


:-) Me too !

This looks so exciting, and the food looks amazing. I have never been to a Steemfest, but now maybe I will go.


I am glad to hear that you will go next year @katrinalewis

Spoiler alert ->>> we might be planning a collaboration

Ohh, I'll be looking forward to it! :)


Yeah, it should be a lot of fun

Really motivating to see all those famous Steemit .


So glad you liked it @soubhikmondal

Just one absolutely brilliant post with some wonderful captures from the Steemfest! Kudos !!!


Thanks so much @amitsharma, I am so glad you liked it. I have some more photos coming

So many amazing people! Looks amazing there! I wish I was there, meeting all those people and you hehehehe....


Thanks for commenting on my post @abdulla.emran. Perhaps you will go next year?

All this amazing food looks delicious, especially. Would love to try these for sure. Great post once again :-)


Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my post @keks

Congratulations @gringalicious for meeting members of steemfest and thank you for sharing this for introduce us those members

Amazing post and such great pictures!! Love it and thank you so much for kind words!!! :)))) So happy to have met you! Could you please send me some of those photos of me from the stage? they are cool and i dont have any :)) xxxx


Likewise, Alla! I was so happy to meet you as well and I'd be happy to send you the photos.

Excellent post, I invite you to support my blog, greetings


Thanks for the invitation

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