BOOM! The Steemfest3 location is out now - Save the date!

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Hi Steemians, this day is even getting better and better... The official announcement about the Steemfest3 location is out now, thanks to @roelandp!

This years location is Kraków in Poland. Here are the screenshots of the newsletter I have received some minutes ago by @steemfest:



Here you can visit the official Steemfest website with more infornation and there are already Hotel packages available:

And here you can find the official announcement by @roelandp:

I visited the last two Steemfest Events too and I can really suggest it to all Steemians. It is an event full of fun, interesting speeches, nice food, cool people and also party with other Steemians!

I'm sure that @roelandp is creating a very spectacular event again and of course I will be there. 👏👍

This year I want to bring as many @teamberlin members as possible with me too and I'm excited who will join us. See you at Steemfest3 everyone and hear you later!




so, you packing for Poland?

Yes I will be there again. 👍

A very wonderful testimony of the event. Let's steemit together.

Good luck with the Fest, I wish I could go.

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This sounds amazing! One day I hope to be able to attend. Poland sounds amazing!

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