Reminder For Tulip Drawing Demonstration At Steemfest

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It's Saturday night at Steemfest in Amsterdam. While many steemians celebrate with reckless abandon, some of us are calling it an early night. For me, this whole packing up and taking off the day after an unprecedented "win" of our next president has taken its toll in severe exhaustion and the need to hibernate in the first cold weather I have felt in years. 

I belong in this exuberant city. Maybe it is my family heritage, but I always feel very at home here. Every time I hear church bells I get goosebumps. I think of the history and all the lives that have played out here over the centuries and how they leave these indelible marks everywhere you look in the city. 

Centuries. It's mind-boggling. I live next to a city that was incorporated in 1973. 

The culture of art runs deep in Amsterdam - the magnetic lure for artists is difficult to explain. Nothing compares to the 17th century Golden Age of Dutch painting collections at Rijksmusem. The genre paintings of Vermeer, Pieter de Hooch, and Jan Steen have all found their ways into my own illustration work. 

It was a real treat to see the paintings in person.

My favorite things are the tiny insect and butterfly paintings by some of the most accomplished artists of their time in watercolor and gouache on vellum. The details of objects fascinate me and compel me to deconstruct almost everything I draw in order to understand them better. And the glorious Dutch still life paintings brimming with blooms- namely tulips in all their glory. 

-which leads me to the main point of this post:

A reminder to those here in Amsterdam for steemfest; Please join me tomorrow as I do a detailed drawing demonstration of the tulip in the same style as my favorite paintings I saw yesterday.

I will be at Art at Steemfest on the first floor of the Quartier Putain cafe on Sunday, tomorrow from 13:30 - 18:00. Stop by to say hello! I look forward to meeting you.

I will also have the steemit commemorative print available during this time, signed and numbered. Don't miss your chance to own artwork by steemit's very own @fairytalelife.

Cheers to Roeland @roelandp and the Amsterdam crew for pulling off this feat. And in a splendid tulip suit to boot!

If you are an artist and want to have some fun with supplies, check out  Amstel 34, 1017 AB Amsterdam. I know there are so many more, but with limited time I was lucky to see one. And when I travel, I always make a point to check out the art supply stores for unusual gadgets or brushes I can't find at home in the States. Some of them find their way home, but never as many as I think I would like to try someday.


What an incredible day! It was great to meet you. I'm looking forward to chatting tomorrow. We're tucked away in our hotel now. : )

Yes, Eric. You and Raymi! Thank you. We are too!

As always, your experience, wisdom and love of craft shine through... The attention to detail never ceases to amaze me!
I so wish I could have been there to see a true artist, not only create.., but to watch the process -- live. Im so glad people like you.., and so many others had the opportunity to enjoy SteemFest.., and represent it -- in it's best light. Thank you so much, for enriching us all with your graciousness, talent and vision. Cheers @fairytalelife!

Wow, @macksby. I am so flattered and moved by your words, as I often am. Thank you, dear friend. Your encouragement is more helpful and appreciated than you know.

Beautiful work as always!

soo awesome!! tomorrow one of my paints will be displayed there, how I wish I could have attend, Amsterdam is trully a dream and after all for artists. To see in person such outstanding masterpieces as Veermer's and Rembrandt's. All this Steemfest is being pretty awesome, enjoy!

Thank you, @aneblueberry. I will be sure to look for it. Yes, seeing these paintings inspires but intimidates!
Great event!

Sounds fantastic, see you tomorrow.

Simply beautiful your @fairytalelife works. Congratulations on another wonderful material

Thanks, @jlufer - so kind of you

Amsterdam is truly a wonderful city, and the art....worth going just for that! Glad you are having a good experience xoxo

forgot to note your gorgeous paintings and drawing always, brimming with talent!

@natureofbeing, thank you, truly. I found something here just for you. I will send when I get home. xx

oooooo can't wait!!!! xxooxox

All your art is amazing, Johanna!
I wish so much I could be there now...

@fairytalelife, do you have any of these prints left for purchase? If so can I can I reserve one, please? I can't believe it's already been a week since we were there. The transition back has been more difficult that I imagined it would be. I want to be back there.

Hi Eric. Yes, Which one were you thinking of?

And yes, it is most difficult to be back.

Do you have one of the SteemFest ones left?

Those drawings are spot on! they express the Amsterdam experience perfectly :D It was so nice to meet you in person, I wish we had more time to talk, Can`t wait to meet you again.

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