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RE: Breaking Through the Fourth Wall – The Steemfest Experience

in #steemfest6 years ago

Hey @opheliafu!

Thanks for the great comments.

You are so very well respected and liked by many in the Steemit community. I really regret running out of time to have been able to talk to you but hopefully that can be rectified on the next meet up. I hear you are London based which is awesome! Maybe on a possible upcoming Steem meetup? All the best, @opheliafu.


Yes, me and my husband @cryptofunk put on a meet up in Birmingham last month. We will start planning another one soon, probably for January/February. We are going to do a mini survey of the approx locations of UK Steemit users to work out a good location for the next meet up.

That sounds fantastic! Will look out for any updates concerning the proposed meetup from you. A great idea and one I'd be very interested in taking part in.

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