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RE: My body is back at work but my heart and mind are still at Steemfest.

in #steemfest6 years ago

Lol, I'm loving reading your post so much, I've probably read it three times already! Man, you are the greatest, nuff said! Words can't tell you how much I enjoying chilling out with you at the fest and Amsterdam! I feel the depression too but something tells me we'll meet again a lot sooner. Thanks, my friend, for making the fest even more memorable than it already was. :)


We did pretty damn good didn't we buddy! We will meet again I'm 100% sure. I laughed so damn much that weekend and nor have I connected with a new person so fast in a very long time. That session with mammasitta was special I'll remember it forever.

We did great, buddy. My sides were splitting, man. Your jokes were just too funny! Yeh, also that chat in the cafe with the great @mammasitta was very deep and uplifting. Great, great times. We need to create more of them, lol!

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