ExploreTraveler at SteemFest Lisbon Portugal 2017 #5

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This will be our last post in regards to Steemfest, and what our main takeaways where from the event.

Now not all of the takeaways have been positive, and we should also point them out. Some who went to the event where very positive on day 1 but by the time we had dinner on the last day then had concerns. The main concern point to the belief that Steemit needs to be something worked on by Steemit Inc, and the platform should be improved, and focused on becoming the entry way for numerous users and new crypto-currency users of STEEM. With one of the main focuses from SteemFest being on the SMT and not on the improvement of Steemit they came away with the feeling that this was no longer a main part of the future agenda.

Now we did not get the same feeling and felt that the new SMT movement was to act as a catalyst for Steemit users, and to also boost the STEEM blockchain. When we spoke to @ned we came away with this feeling, and that they did have big plans and focus for Steemit in 2018.

All in all we have come out of the event and have purchased a few thousand dollars worth of STEEM, and will add them to our different accounts. So we think the event was very positive, and think the SMT's and community improvements will boost the amount of users, and also boost STEEM longer term.

People from all walks of life and the @gardenofeden where able to gain support for their cause while attending.

Heidi from @heiditravels was able to in interview Randy @hilarski at the end of the event.
Interview with Randy Hilarski: Social Media, Steemit & Token Magic

The very young and old alike enjoyed the final dinner.

Here are the others post we made from the event, and we really hope you enjoyed this special series.

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ExploreTraveler at SteemFest Lisbon Portugal 2017

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Thank you ExploreTraveler for all your posts about Steemfest. My son, @exyle and his girlfriend @bkdbkd were also at Steemfest and I heard a lot of stories, but he made no pictures so I'm glad you did!!

Thank you @clio for your kind words.

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Thank you @suhadi we do try :-)

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That's great steemfest....
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Looks Like you guys did it up well. Portugal knows how to throw an event!

@evernoticethat Thanks and yes Portugal was very welcoming.

Wow, this is wonderful. I hope I had attended this steemfest. I wish to organise one in my country some day.

@hilltop You should and we will do our best to attend.

Perjalanan yang sangat seru, i love traver

Unforgettable moments you have captured. Good job @exploretraveler.

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Thanks to all........good post everyone

It Was A great meeting @exploretraveler

Yes, we enjoyed it also @myeasin.

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It was great meeting you guys. See you next year. @exploretraveler :)

We enjoyed meeting you also. Thanks @anahilarski.

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Wow, steemit is spreading out faster than we can imagine. In Nigeria, a similar event was held recently and the turnout was great. Thanks for this post.

Welll sir you had share about steemfest and all the information given by you is really helpful for us and also we do believe that steemit will do great in future .

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