ExploreTraveler at SteemFest Lisbon Portugal 2017 #3

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Wow! It's been great here meeting so many new people, and learning about Steemit's future. The on the ground collaboration between those attending the conference, and members of Steemit Inc have opened all of our eye's as to what has been seen within the data of a 300% increase in accounts to record number of transactions happening on a regular basis. Listening is key when it comes to building a community and there has been a tremendous amount during this very communicative event.

Here is a small photo tour of some of the speakers, and people attending the event.


Visionary & Founder of the Garden Of Eden EcoVillage


Communications Ambassador for Bitcoin.com, Founder of the Psychologic-Anarchist, cryptocurrency consultant and journalist.


Co-founder Bitshares Munich

Some great projects about data modeling, and how it could be applied to price fluctuations in crypto prices. We noticed Randy @hilarski ears perked up with the possibility to have predictive price analysis.

Others where getting excited when @timsaid had his drone taking photographs of our double sized crowd this year.

Other programmers just hanging out and getting to know each other.

Meeting new friends sometimes requires a selfie :-)

With so many great conversations taking place, and everyone moving from group to group you come out at the end of the day knowing a tremendous amount of information, and the processing time for all of this may take weeks.

Love this Photo of @roelandp and his many fans.

@ned was straight forward, and asking questions, and letting us all know what they where trying to achieve. 

Questions from the audience where taken and everyone got the chance to get good feedback.

The interview style and audience interaction was really good. This should be done more often, and more of our steemit community should be engaged with from around the world.

Alex did a great job communicating his project, and his teams award was very well deserved.

The finalist winners created a map connected to steemit, and this allows us to see where posts are done or what counties they may be about.

We will continue writing about the event, and bring more great photographs and video to all of you. We have some great material from Lisbon, and we will slowly roll this out from now until we think everyone is bored.


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"Helping bring the world together one friend at a time. 
So travel and discover that the world is full of wonderful people." - ExploreTraveler @exploretraveler

We have a travel tip audio book that you can purchase at Audible --> Here 

Happy Travels, 



Great shots!!!! I love the pic you took of @karensuestudios and I doing the acro trick!!!
What fun times!!
It was nice to meet you😄💛

@acromott it was great to meet you two as well. We love that photo, and you look so happy.

Beautiful photo well done

He would like the comparison for sure.

Well sir As I do always I read the whole post and wha I like the present of members of bitcoin over there and photo of many spoke person. And at last all that great photos where people actually enjoy the whole movement . May some day I will also join. You in such fest. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

Thank a bunch @funatoz and we would love to see you.

Thank for your appreciation sir.

Bagus sekali informasi ini, saya suka dan senang membaca postingan seperti ini. Tapi sayang kami yang masih baru tidak terlibat dalam pertemuannya.

Thanks @bukhairidin and we would love to have another meetup that get's people from Indonesia and the Philippines into the event. We know that visa's can be an issues, and maybe there is still a way to make this happen in 2018.

@exploretraveler... Semoga tahun 2018 suatu kesempanan nanti di indonesia kita bisa berkumpul dan terlibat bersama membahas perkembangan steemit. Suatu kebanggan bagi saya yang masih baru, bisa berinteraksi dengan anda.
Luar biasa, terima kasih juga kawan atas bantuaanya. Salam @bukhairidin...

Indonesia Steemit event sounds like a great idea.

Besok kami di indonesia dalam sebuah komunitas steemit, berencana ingin mengenalkan http://steem-id.com/
Untuk membantu bagi para pemula steemit. Dengan harapan bisa membatu meraka yang masih baru.

wow good information my friend, and hope steemit success always and good work my friend, I upvote and resteem

that's very good im glad you had great experience. .. i may next time we could also join it ☺😊😊

It's allot of fun and hopefully we can do several of these in 2018 in different places around the world.

hope so that will be owsome 😊😊😊

It is very beautiful, attractive and exciting well done

Matjee Facebook

Thanks for the information, the pictures are wonderful. They are initiative people who need our support. I'm glad you enjoyed the time spent with them.

Thanks @allesia a few hundred reasons to smile.

It was great meeting you @exploretraveler ;)

@anahilarski We will see you tonight at the dinner and later today at the LX factory to see the art show if you are there. Next time we hope to see the baby bouncing everywhere.

Yes, we will be at the closing dinner tonight. We are so excited about the baby. We went yesterday to the LX Factory, today I need to take a break my body is begging it haha. @exploretraveler

I am looking forward to you sharing more as you have time on what all happened there, my friend

@johnnyray Thanks we will continue for a few more days.

Hi there, nice to meet you at Steemfest. I like your photo of Ned and I at the fireside chat session. Do you have any other photos taken from that session? If so, would you mind sharing them in a reply? Thank you!

Hi @exploretraveler, I'm following up on this request, I hope you see it! Thanks

Thanks! This was awesome and I am so glad you got to go there!

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Thanks @dswigle it's been a busy time for us.

Enjoy!!! I look forward to future posts!

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It looks like it was so much fun. I am sad I missed it. But I guess I am still not at Your level guys ehehhe

It's for everyone at all levels really.

maybe next year. But i guess some people wont be happy to see me there... lol

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Wow. Thank you so much for sharing all these pictures of these great people in this Steemit community. It is really nice to actually see their faces since I am following most of them but didn't really know who they are in person.
Enjoy the rest of the trip and thank you for sharing your experience with us.

@joalvarez it was our pleasure, and we will do some more over the next few days.

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Wonderful photos man and congratulations i followed you

You are welcome brother i will support you always in all your posts

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Thanks for your report @explorertraveler, maybe I will get there next year, maybe in the U.S.?

Yes these need to be expanded world wide.

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Awesome @exploretraveler! Thank you for following me!

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Thank you so much and have a blessed day.

Nice post ever.

Anyway dear @exploretraveler, please take a look just a moment to this post. I'd like to recommend this nice spot to be the next SteemFest Location/Destination, named Sabang, Weh Island, Aceh, Indonesia.

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I feel that Hae saved so I can take a vacation there

Happy steemfest........

It's a great amusement ..like get toghether...
Best of luck...
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Wow it's great to get such wonderful news from you sir .

Thanks @googlee and it's a team effort.

Yes sir I know you had earlier discus about it .

Congratulations @exploretraveler!
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Omg. I spotted the photo of me and roelandp. I was like, can I take a photo with you, roeland?

It was nice meeting you there, thanks for the pictures! I didn’t know you had a Chinese name even :)

Have a good day!

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the Steem.center wiki article about SteemFest². Thanks and good luck again!

Wow That is Good. and Thanks For Your Information.

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