Fantastic: The Sexy Art From Lisboa at SteemFest2 - by: Ps CS3 Editing

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The Pop Up Exposition Announcement Art At SteemFest by @roelandp very precious to me. I have taken the time to be among them take advantage of this fantastic space in SteemFest² Updates together @roelandp













I'm very happy be among them which has been successful with his finest art in SteemFest² Updates

@timsaid - my drawing day
@everlove - Collaborative Art Journey
@paolobeneforti - The Art Contest of Steemarket
@papa-pepper - Daily Challenge Challenge Daily, Wild and Odd Contest
@axis - ARTstyleART, ArtQuestTrail
@jamtaylor - Steemit Photo Challenge
@jasonrussell - Portrait Contest
@robyneggs Poetry Dice Challenge
@juliakponsford - ArtExplosion
@daveks - B / W Photo Challenge
@kalemandra - Color Challenge and Mandala Challenge
@brumest - MonoMad Photographic Contest
@oceansoul - TinyArtChallenge
@old-guy-photos - MonochromeMonday, Tree Tuesday
@lizanomadsoul - BeachWednesday, SunThursday
@brevebronovan - OddWednesday
@liliana.duarte - LoveFriday
@ace108 - BeautifulSunday
@mrslauren - Photo Manipulation Art Competition
@sammosk - Creative Competition - art for anyone
@dswigle - MarketFriday
@hope777 - WeekendPhotos
@luxurylifestyle - SaturdayView
@tojukaka - SundaySelfie

Thank you for Support by: @roelandp @hr1 @quinneaker @joele @blocktrades @snowflake @fyrstikken @giftedgaia @felixxx @bellyrub @blueorgy @kingscrown @trafalgar @knozaki2015 @firepower and steemian all..!




AMAZING!!! i really like to draw women naked. Actually I posted my artwork(a naked women in her back) and colored it with pastel in my introductory. If you want to check it put @xyza. Its really nice that i am not the only one in here. Can i join the fest?

I feel impressed with your arrival
In my place. thank you @xyza

These are beautiful. Seriously, I'm loving the art scene on SteemIt!

@ladydi748 thank you. let me follow you

wonderful.good art!!

@agungpriambodo thank for support..
let me follow you

I would say interesting style - people looks dirty and sick

@doelist let me follo you
i like you come in my place

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Wow, I love the color gradient on these paintings.

thanks you

Amazing. good art

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all the women looke so beatufil, I love it

Wow those all look amazing!

Wonderfull.But you should add it in NSFW,I think.

@mrrifat1 thank you
let me follow you

Whoa! Those are some amazing pictures. Personally I like the last one the best; the one with the long dark hair. Love the overall black and white pic and then the sudden pop of red lipstick. Excellent work!


these are lovely!

Some nice digital art, @dewina
Keep up the good work.

Pretty cool work...

Wonderful art! Just I love it!. Thanks for sharing @ dewina

Thankz for sharing... I like ur picture..
If u seen my posts and like it plzzzzzz follow and vote me.....

I hope you like this.. my daughter made a fantastic contribution for Steemfest art festival