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Saludos amigos Steemers, en esta oportunidad quería darle un regalo a todas las personas que hicieron posible el SteemFest 2016 en la ciudad de Amsterdam y hacerle un Slide Show a sus fotos del evento realizado este mes.

Este video fue hecho en adobe After Effects CC 2015 y lo hice con todo el cariño para todas estas personas que la pasaron espectacular y se conocieron en este maravilloso ambiente lleno de alegría y fraternidad. Lamentablemente no pude ser parte del evento por mis limitaciones en mi país y falta de posibilidades de viajar y conocer personas de esta comunidad y de todo el mundo. Muchas felicitaciones a los que si pudieron hacerlo y espero que el próximo sea mucho mejor . Un Saludo desde esta parte del mundo VENEZUELA!!

Gracias a @steemfest por compartir las fotos en su post:

English Version

Greetings Steemers friends, this time I wanted to give a gift to all the people who made the SteemFest 2016 possible in the city of Amsterdam and make a Slide Show to photos of the event held this month.

This video was made in adobe After Effects CC 2015 and I did it with all the affection for all these people who had a great time and met in this wonderful atmosphere full of joy and fraternity. Unfortunately I could not be part of the event because of my limitations in my country and lack of possibilities to travel and meet people from this community and around the world. Many congratulations to those who if they could and I hope the next one is much better. A greeting from this part of the world VENEZUELA !!

Thanks to @steemfest for sharing the photos in your post:

Y a todas las personas que participaron y formaron parte de éste proyecto

And to all the people who participated and were part of this project

En especial a @roelandp

  • Ned

Steemit's CEO

  • heiditravels

Travel blogger and surfer

  • dollarvigilante

Anarcho-capitalist, libertarian and freedom fighter against the state & central banks

  • infovore - Mahmud Olatunde Adeleye

Creator of the SteemMag series

  • wmougayar

Author, The Business Blockchain, investor, blockchain startups

  • neilstrauss

Journalist, 8-time New York Times bestselling author, Steemit Book Club

  • tatianamoroz

Singer/songwriter, podcaster and bitcoin aficionada

  • xeroc

Longtime blockchain expert and developer of Piston

  • ericvancewalton

Writer of poems & novels such as the ACD series

  • lukewearechange

Founder, independent news media

  • allasyummyfood

Youtuber, chef and steemian

  • kevinwong

Dj, Project Curie and etherpunk

  • pharesim

Witness, maker of steemjs lib,

  • anwenbaumeister

Project Curie, yogi, gardener and lover of all

  • riverhead

Witness, crypto stuff and Maker

  • svk

Witness, bitshares, crypto frontender

  • firepower

Lead admin Steemit.Chat, Steemit Social and motorhead

  • fairytalelife

Illustrator, artist, mentor, mother of four

  • anyx

Cheetah creator, lead SteemCleaner, witness, and graduate student

  • spectral

Bitspace, computer scientist, crypto-pirate


Crypto Challenge, scientist, photographer and free runner

  • good-karma

eSteem - Steem Mobile developer

  • picokernel

Student at SHS & Developer of

  • chris4210

BlockPay, Bitshares Munich

  • steemrollin

Founder, Peerhub & BitCash

Gabriel, co-founder Rocket.Chat

  • menta


  • mauricemikkers

Photographer, Micrograph Stories, Labrat and 3D designer

  • wadepaterson

The "20 questions" guy, former journalist, communicator

  • mrs.steemit

Media Consultant, Dancer, We care 4 U agency

  • utz

Musician, code artist, calculator manipulator

  • chhaylin

Libertarian anarchist who loves philosophy

  • akareyon

conspiracy theorist, 8-bit artist, circuit bender

  • anasya

Blogger, CrazyChallenge maker, teacher, traveler

  • xanoxt

Modern Nomad and crypto enthusiast

Disculpen si me falto alguien en la presentación. Si me falto algún nombre por mencionar también.

Sorry if I missed anyone in the presentation. If I miss any name to mention also.

Gracias a todos y Esperemos el próximo Steem Fest..... Saludos desde Venezuela!

Thank you all and look forward to the next Esteem Fest ..... Greetings from Venezuela!



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