WINNER! | The @blocktrades + @openmic Steem Fest ticket giveaway!

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Hey video makers and content creators. As you know, more than 10 Steemians won the first part of the @openmic Steem Fest ticket giveaway. 2 of the contestants won a ticket in another contest and another one decided to retire from the contest, this made the judges decision a bit easier but still, I think this has been one of the most difficult choices @luzcypher has made, not only because most of the entries were simply amazing but also because there was no wrong decision: Whoever won this Steem Fest ticket would´ve been deserved. I was very conflicted about this decision because to be honest, @blocktrades and @openmic would´ve loved to give away five Steem Fest tickets, this is how much all of you deserve it.

The community engagement and support each entry got is unbelievable. There are more than 1,000 comments on the announcement post! If you try to access the post you´ll most likely face screen freeze due to the length and size of the post and the number of comments.

To check out the post, click here

This is just one sign of how much engaging, supported and loved these Steemians are and, it´s the main reason why I have decided the next:

To help you out with the trip expenses, I will give 50 Steem to each and every Steemian who joined this second part of the contest but didn´t win. I know it´s not much but it is my way of thanking all of you for joining this contest and for being such an amazing Steemian, people like you are what we need the most in our community right now.

So that´s it, if you joined this second part of the contest but you didn´t win but you end up going to Steem Fest, hit me a direct message when you are in Poland and I´ll transfer you 50 Steem.

For everyone who didn´t win and can´t make it to Poland without winning a contest, I ask you to not get disappointed and don´t despair, sometimes we win and sometimes we learn. There will be another two contest in the next days where you´ll be able to win a ticket and accommodation in the Blocktrades apartment.

The winner

All the entries had a lot of passion; every Steemian who joined got a lot of support from the community; each video made us get to know the person behind the username and I´m sure everyone watching would love to meet you in person. The decision was not easy and in the end it came down to personal evaluation from @luzcypher and his experience in the platform.

Congratulations @Coruscate

The support you got in the announcement post, your engagement with the community, the way you interact with people on your daily videos and the energy you irradiate are definitely some of the main reasons why we´ll love to meet you in Poland.

Thanks again to everyone who joined this contest, this one has been definitely one of the most competed contests I´ve seen and it´s been the hardest choice I´ve been involved in. I really hope we can get to meet each other in Krakow, I hope you can make it! If you do, be certain we´ll share a beer together, or perhaps two :)

Remember this is a @Blocktrades sponsored contest, if you like what they are doing vote for them as witness here

@anomadsoul is a proud host of this contest, if you like what he is doing vote for @ocd-witness as witness here

I am LOST FOR WORDS!!!! (which isn't like me at all) This is the most incredible news. I am so honored that you guys chose me and I promise to be a great ambassador for both Open Mic and Blocktrades at Steemfest!! <3

I also want to say that this was the most amazing group of finalists. Each and every person who entered this contest would have been an incredible choice. I hope you are all still able to make it to Steemfest so we can have beers together!

What touched me the most about this contest was the way the community came around each person. I was close to tears at many moments reading through the comments. This community is amazing and is what makes this place so special. Even if I hadn't won - I would have already felt like I did because of all the incredible support I felt from the community.

Thank you @blocktrades, the @openmic crew, @luzcypher specifically, and @anomadsoul and from the bottom of my heart. This means more to me than you know!

What touched me the most about this contest was the way the community came around each person. I was close to tears at many moments reading through the comments.

I felt the same way after reading all 998 comments. Really touching stuff. And the videos each person made too really was inspiring.

Wow I seriously can't thank you enough @luzcypher! This is such exciting news!!! Can't wait to party with you in Poland!

We're going to have a blast! Congrats and great job with your entries. See you soon @coruscate.

Awesome! This is fantastic news!

aww thanks for getting so excited with me!!

Ps... I think Steemit might explode when we actually meet in person in a few weeks. Literally counting down the days! :D

YESSS!!!! She deserves it!! Congrats @corsucate!

Well, @coruscate is definitely a worthy pick! Congratulations! She seems to be "in the thick of things" all over the community, and she has been an active participant and presenter at several Steem/Steemit events already... so she's definitely a great ambassador for the community!


YES!!!!!! Lea way to go ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Thanks Ken!! You are always so supportive and encouraging!!

You are one of the few steemians that i have met in person TWICE! So cool! I'm sure i'll see you at an event soon even though you can't make it to steemfest!

Very Well Deserved and a Very Big Congratulations to @coruscate! Didn't I tell you You'd get it?hehe oxoxoxo

You totally did!! hahah you are always soooo encouraging!! Thanks for all of the love and support my friend! Can't wait till there is a day that we get to meet in person! <3

Congrats @Coruscate, see you in Poland :)

Thanks so much @tarazkp! Can't wait to meet you! <3

No wrong choices here. I can't wait to see @coruscate for the 3rd time. And in Europe, no less! Congrats!

I'm SO excited to hang out with you again!! There are very few steemians that i'll be able to say I've met in person THREE times! So cool!

See you in Poland!

Congratulations @coruscate. Looking forward to meeting you in Krakow! 😁

aww thank you @gillianpearce!! Can't wait to meet you in Poland as well! This is going to be SUCH a crazy awesome experience for everyone involved. <3

Congratulations @coruscate, see you in Poland!

aww thanks my friend! Can't wait to meet you in Poland! First beer is on me! :D

whoa congrats to the winner! It's been fun seeing all the entries :-D

Congrats @Coruscate, a thoroughly deserving winner. I shall see you in Krakow to celebrate and we can all raise a glass together hopefully. Someone suggested a 'roadtosteemfest' group photo, but it would be equally cool to do a mass selfie for those who entered this contest and make it to Poland.

All the best :-)

I would love that! I think it would be awesome to get a group photo!

Cheers to Poland!! <3

Yay! Congrats! See you in November 😉

aww thanks @llfarms. You seem super awesome and I can't wait to meet you in person. I loved reading all the comments people left on your entry... and the fact that you work with @curie makes me love you already. I think Curie is one of the coolest things happening on Steemit.

I just saw your post about giving away a Steemfest ticket to a minnow. You literally blow me away.

Can't wait to meet you and buy you a beer in Poland! :)

Congrats Lea!!! @coruscate I hope I have a chance to see you there in Poland! 😊❤️ and thank to @luzcypher and & @anomadsoul, that was such a fun contest and I'm totally touched with all the support I got from it. Thanks for holding it ! :) ❤️

Looking forward to the new ones you mentioned :-)

Felicidades a la Ganadora @Coruscate Eres muy afortunada.
Agradezco a Eric @anomadsoul por animarse a realizar este tipo de concursos, y apoyarlos, les felicito a todos... Espero nos den noticias desde el Steemifest.
Desde ya me apunto para el 2019 ha ha ha, hoy lo fijé como una meta en mi vida, espero poder cumplirla.


Congratulations to the winners. Thanks @blocktrades

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Awesome. Congratulations, @coruscate. Greetings.

congratulation to @Coruscate <3

@anomadsoul, Congratulations to you too because you've completed another contest successfully.

And in my opinion no matter how many participants are there, when it's regrading big event then for sure choice to make becomes difficult process.

And for sure through this Contest Economy you've spread really effective vibes regarding the SteemFest.

And whenever we see contests regarding particular event then for sure we see an essence of collaboration.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

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