Takes time to weed out those just trying to abuse the faucet.

that's ridiculous.. i mean it's beta version but my friends telling me that they are trying..and can't be approved

Like he said it takes time... Steem Blockchain is a totally different concept .... SteemIt actually uses their funds and voting power to get the accounts started.... because the posts are scored mathematically you cannot have zero Steem power accounts... a million times zero is still zero... there are ways to fund your own account though personally I just tell people to be patient on Steem unless they are a baller then I might help them self fund/create.

Xiobus, that was an important explanation. My wife has been waiting 1 week. Is there a way I can fund her instead?

Yes... there 4 ways to setup at Steem account

  • website (they give SP or delegated SP for a while plus witness fee)
  • cli_wallet command (I'm open to helping or doing this for you)
  • Paid third-party registration (these charge a little more than the witness fees and run the commands for you.) like
  • Being a witness and doing with the PoW (complex lots of server stuff and hosting)

It should be noted not to trust another party registering your account... it's a good idea to change your owner private key (master password) afterwords instead of just trusting that they did not save a copy of it

step by step was a good TV show

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