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RE: Back from Steemfest

Oh @onceuponatime. What a blessing you are! So much fun we had together and feeling the power of so much more. Fun post and my sentiments exactly--except @saramiller and I are still in transit home--5 planes (this is our last) and 64 hours later we shall return to our humble abode. so great to know you. May our friendship live long and prosper! Blessings to you.


You girls are amazing. I don't have the technical chops to post from airports (can't access my passwords). I'm going to have to put in a concerted effort to learn all about these here internet thingys one of these days :-)

I'm definitely not a techy--being around them just highlights my resistance to it. It does take a little bit of a set-up to have things in order to access things on the road, but if I can do it, anyone can. I could definitely be more technologically prepared. Working on many upgrades after this amazing event. So glad to know you @onceuponatime!

Heyyy I think @skapaneas has a nice photo from all of you guys....! All the gems together 😘😘😘

I bet you would like to have it I am not sure if you want it here public. if not download it and ask me to remove the link.

What a fun photo!! Thanks for capturing this @skapaneas. Truly amazing times these were--history in the making. Thanks for sharing your art--love that we're a part of it!

Thanks! Will go check that baby out! You're beautiful!

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