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This is my entry.

In truth, my life took a significant turnaround with my arrival at steemit despite currently having 65 years, and I am in a situation of retired teacher.

When we retire in Venezuela, what we want is to enjoy peace, fun, travel and share with family and friends, but in my case, the matter is different because in december 2017, my son who was in this network then, invited me to enter Steemit.

I had no idea of ​​Steemit. He explained to me and told me that, since I was a poet and musician, I would do very well. I agreed with him, and on December 29 I was accepted. He was not wrong

I have not mastered the management of the internet in depth, and he was responsible for transcribing my poems and publications, and I also recorded the songs for Openmic, where I obtained good figurations several times.

With the situation in Venezuela, Steemit became my salvation table, and just a month later I obtained the second place in a contest sponsored by Cervantes, "Poems of ten lines to the cat".

Steemit impressed me every day. A month later, I participated in a video contest dedicated to Steemit, and I got second place too. 2 wins in 1 month.

My son was proud. His username is @psicologo. But I tell you that, suddenly, he dedicated himself to his specialty, and I was disoriented, and he went to live in another state of Venezuela. I had to take on the difficult work of posting and learning to mount images.

A great puzzle!

Discord was a challenge, and it cost me. However, I develop with regular solvency.

On the other hand, I have found in Steemit a resource to publish my poems, something that I could not because of the shortage of paper and supplies in my country.

Lately, as I like English since I was a boy, I am publishing poems in that language. I have always written in spanish, but little by little, I learn the rhymes and measures, until I manage to comply with the poetic rules.

In Steemit I have found friendships, recognition of my work as a poet, respect and affection for a good number of users and curators.

I close my experience by saying that the only purpose in Steemit is not only to obtain money, but to be recognized and loved, to make good friends, as in my case, but I will not say names so as not to run the risk of omitting some of them.

I consider myself very successful in Steemit.

May God bless Steemit. I love Steemit with soul and heart.

Thank to the organization of this marvelous contest.

Post about the #steemexperiencecontest!

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Hello friend, I wish you a lot of luck in the contest.
The call to participate is motivating.
I'm going to encourage you to write my experience on Steemit.
Thanks for the invitation.