The Steem Experience Show 02 with Guest @iamnotageek

We had another successful broadcast on

Be sure to follow this account to keep up with the new show every week. The show is live streamed and recorded on Wednesdays at 2pm EST which is 6pm UTC.

This weeks guest was @iamnotageek and our hosts were @seablue, @battleaxe, and @richardcrill. We had a great little chat about Steemit 101 and Discord communities including:,, and Smart Media Group - where the Steemit 101 classes are held.

A recurring theme in the discussion was about the power we have in helping each other. These discord communities have really helped a lot of us to take our Steem experience to the next level. It's an amazing thing to me to be able to get online an speak with these intelligent people as we navigate this crypto space together!


Another great show!
Coming outta the gates running :)
Here is the Debut episode


WOW now this is a show!

I need to get over there. AWESOME job @battleaxe, @seablue , @imnotageek & @richardcrill .

Quahhhhh, can't wait to see ya on there, get ya' on

I am looking forward to hear a new show. Namaste!

Great development. Didn't know we now had a show. Been off lately.

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