The Steem Experience Show 01 with Guest @battleaxe

in steemexperience •  2 years ago 

We Live Streamed Our First Show on the Steem Star Network!

As all things on The Steem Experience, it is developing organically. I look like an absolute crazy person, fidgeting around and moving back and forth, but I will be working to improve my visual and audio presence!

@seablue and @battleaxe were amazing! @seablue's presence was exactly what we needed to have some structure and @battleaxe as always brought a great energy! Also, @battleaxe will be coming on as a host when available!

I'm not sure what happened with the audio towards the end, but that is one of the many things I am working to improve before the next show. In case you haven't heard, the show is airing every Wednesday at 2pm EST on

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 2.11.47 PM.png

We had an awesome crowd show up in Discord during the show and I am incredibly grateful for everyone that was there! Thank you all!

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I watched some of if. wish I coulda been there. maybe i'll catch you guys next time. peace.

thanks..hope so! It was fun and got into all types of topics, cheers :)

I like the convo so far 👍
Hey is battle axes account just battleaxe ? I’m following everyone else and wanna give her a follow. Great stuff steemians👍


heya, yup that is me, myself and I...appreciate the support/follow for sure
<3 thanks for the listen in and can't wait to keep being part of The Steem Experience and the show

I dug your thoughts and just shat u said in general 👍 I’m happy to now be following ya!

Hey guys
Second half Sound gats muffled, someone’s not muting so there’s a delay an echo. Not the end of the world
Still enjoyed very much
See ya’ll for episode 2

Ps- this comment wasn’t meant as a knock just wanted to say something so u knew, it was still great and enjoyable

Very special video indeed
An article that speaks specifically about Steam
I have accepted the supplication on the discour

Expect me in discord soon guys

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