I Am Searching for Steem Exclusive Content

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One of the biggest ways to draw more people to Steem is to make exclusive content here!


I used to make content on Youtube, then I quit to make exclusive content on Steem. This forced people that followed me on Youtube and other places to follow me on Steem. This plan worked well, I know plenty of my subscribers follow me over and convert to full-fledged Steemians.

The truth is the vast majority of people make very little money on social media, they rely on affiliate links or sponsorship from a business.
Well, I am looking to "sponsor" original Steem exclusive content.

If you make exclusive Steem content, post below and if I find the content useful for Steem, I will reward your work with upvotes. Cheers!



Steem exclusive from a Steem made creator. I pinged you on twitter as well in case it got lost in your feed.

I'm trying to entice my WordPress blogging friends over by almost exclusively using my blog to post to Steem (via #SteemPress). However, you might be interested in checking out @melinda010100 to sponsor - not only does she run the Steem Shadow Photo Contest every week, she also hosts the #FeatheredFriday tag. To top it off, she's a sweetheart and very engaging with old timers and newbies alike! 😊

Thanks so much for your kind words @traciyork! I truly appreciate all your support!

Dude, all my shit is exclusive to Steem.

@paulag has it right at present, the exclusive content needs to rank high on google

Less of the ###

More of the <'h1'>

I would recommend to use at max one (better none) <h1> (or in markdown #) per post, because the tag is meant to mark the (most important/relevant) heading of the article. I know that many people here on Steem don't know about this, so maybe we should talk more about these things...

Search engines like google say that people can use as many h1 tags as they wish to, but I'm pretty sure (from a bot perspective) that it has an impact on SEO. Nearly all high ranking pages contain exactly one h1 tag.

Since most frontends already display the post title in a h1 tag, there is no need to use h1 in a post at all. So, to sum it up: Best for SEO would be to never use it in a post, I think.

Less of the ###

I'm not sure, if you mean this, but the converted output of a post is always in HTML format, so it does not matter, if we use markdown in our posts. The spiders only see the HTML ;)

I thought the hash was not good, so thanks for clarifying that.

I know that many people here on Steem don't know about this, so maybe we should talk more about these things...

Absolutely. A template for a SEO piece of content, at least as far as format, is worth presenting.

Thanks for the input, and gooo Steemworld! :)

I think paulag also pointed out about the canonical linking etc, just based on interfaces you might already have indexing issues due to duplicate content. With many of them then going so far as using ajax to load content is that then following practise? When it comes to SEO the interface has a lot to do with it, users have the control over not crossposting to other chains but if linking is done right then the steem one would be the source and will rank , all users right now have control over adding alt tags to their images but what does it matter if google can't read the content due to how it gets loaded. Just a thought and a bit of a generalization. and like steemchiller says one h1 etc since that shows hierarchy of content etc.

Since most frontends already display the post title in a h1 tag

I didn't take that into account, that's an important aspect.

Wait. Google isn't into ###? I had no idea.

### translates into <h3>, so that's what Google bot sees. It is as important as a sub-sub section can be in a document.

Nice, will be on the lookout for your content.

Not much coming from me at present. Too busy with the real life content for Steem, but always looking in.

I would be interested in knowing of you consider content posted on steempress as exclusive to steem. I have been trying (pittyfully with my little bag) to support steempress users, specifically the ones with bidirectional comments turned on. These people are promoting steem every day just by using steempress as people need a steem account to engage on the blogs. Let me know your thought as I might have some stuff to share.

I have also been trying to get people publishing on steem to write content that will rank. Most people on steem dont have a following off steem, which is a shame. They are also not sharing content off steem because people off steem cant reward you. Steem people need to promote their work. Any help on encouraging this would be welcome, you have way more influence than me 😁. Thanks in advance

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How pathetic are you @haejin wasting your downvote on a comment I'm just going to re-post. What a half-wit troll. You can't even flag my posts to zero anymore. You're losing influence old man.

This is what the flagged comment said

These people are promoting steem every day just by using steempress as people need a steem account to engage on the blogs.

Good point. I used to use Steempress but I think the plugin clashed with another one on my site, so I disabled them both. I should give it another look.

Also, I think I haven't been bothered with trying to rank in Google simply because, like many others, I wasn't playing the Google Juice game like I used to with my old blogs. I think we all got a bit anti-Google because of Adsense and the "centralised" platforms. But truth be told, we do need to show up on Google to be visible.

I find Steempress and content posted outside Steem just as valuable, as it can help bring in new people by introducing them to steem.
I upvote all the content I find that I think ads value to Steem. For this specifically, I am looking for people that have some content they post "exclusively" to Steem. If they want to share links or promote the content outside of Steem, that is awesome.

These people are promoting steem every day just by using steempress as people need a steem account to engage on the blogs.

Good point. I used to use Steempress but I think the plugin clashed with another one on my site, so I disabled them both. I should give it another look.

Also, I think I haven't been bothered with trying to rank in Google simply because, like many others, I wasn't playing the Google Juice game like I used to with my old blogs. I think we all got a bit anti-Google because of Adsense and the "centralised" platforms. But truth be told, we do need to show up on Google to be visible.

Yup, I'm another steem exclusive content creator. I agree with what abh12345 is saying, Google ranking is king.

That's is why die hard steemians are doing more for the platform than those who cross post, as having the same content on multiple platforms does something odd to the ranking if I'm remembering right.

P.s. a steem exclusive:


All my posts are original. Thanks for the opportunity. https://steemit.com/creative/@wales/bathing-in-the-moonlight

I've long said we need to post here and promote exclusive content to our outside audience. Thanks for supporting Steemit content creators.

My new post which I shared with you on Twitter:

What Does Your Username Mean To You?

I do not post anywhere but on Steem.

The only social media platform worth using. I dont even know what my other accounts are anymore.

Same here, lol! :)

Ah, my bad! I created a Twitter account and post Steem-related stuff on it.

I only make exclusive content for Steem too mate. Before Steem and I crossed roads I used to write for myself only, random thoughts...about various topics. I used to grab a A4 paper and fill it in no time...

The A4 paper is now replaced by a keyboard...and I try to have a casual style on my blog, intentionally.

PS. Almost all of my content is Steem related.


My stuff is always exclusive to Steem.

I feel this is true.

I am now posting a story exclusively on Steem, this is already part IV and there are three more parts linked inside:


As for my photos, though, that's my job and they have to be everywhere possible. Some tutorials and articles can be exclusive here and have been so far, but the images themselves — that I cannot do. For understandable reasons, I believe. What can be exlusive is the context I use them in (and it's mostly so).

Great initiative Dan.

Steem is my first and only social media. Everything I write is exclusively here, as well as all my new pictures. You may find some of my archive pictures scattered in various sites which have been channeled by the magazine I was working for, years ago!

I only use Steem ;) no other social media

Hopefully I'm understanding this correctly. My posts aren't about Steem very often but all of my work is Steem exclusive. It's the only platform that I use. I'm steem all the way. My latest post is about street art, specifically the artist known as "Invader." I hope you like it :)


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thanks, I try to do stories and poems and also inspired my son @filler to join.

Exclusively steemy, forever!

I second that

Well seconded fellow exclusorist! :0)

Careful, we will be raked over hot coals for excluding and depriving other sites of our content soon.

"it isn't fair that this awesomeness isn't on Facebook"

It's not fair... Waaaaaaahhhh!

Surely no-one world day such a thing!

i try to exclusive conten.
sir u can chak my post. Thanks


Here @theycallmedan @daan is definitely hoping to doing something for Steem. Here is his post, a Steem exclusive content



That's what I was expecting to happen on STEEM in a couple of years when creators over here grab following over thousands but it has really come real quick !!

It would be great to see sponsors upon STEEM for creators as well !

A really amazing move Dan !


I too only make STEEM only content, here's my latest video - https://steemit.com/threespeak/@steemer-sayu907/fzerjhoa

I really hope many more people take up the same move as yours and push STEEM to a whole new level :)

#steem ON !

Amazing that you brought so many followers to Steemit.

My content is Steemit exclusive as no other platform really interests me ;)

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Here is what I do on STEEM

All of it is exclusive to this platform and promoted on my other social media:


  • freewrite daily with @mariannewest
  • Minnow Tips
  • Photography
  • Travel


  • Food and ccc contest posts
  • Tasteem restaurant reviews
  • @pifc contest entries


  • dApp, tokens/tribes and gaming review posts
  • dpoll- STEEM and lifestyle questions

Thank you for the opportunity :)

Everything I have ever posted is Steem exclusive!

I'm always using #cooking-lesson tag for my cooking tutorials and how about the idea of creating steemit cookbook Lol, I don'n know if this is exclusive content hehe

Yes, steemit needs exclusive contents definitely. I'll try to contribute in this platform as much as I can due to my love for steemit.

You can check my latest one: https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@paragism/can-googles-quantum-computer-hack-bitcoin-network-jelaorwg

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Getting to Steem was what made me a content creator. Although it is published in Spanish.

I carry out an educational dynamic that promotes user participation and interaction. I also do professional content in basic mathematics.

I try to give value to the platform with these topics. Greetings.

I have a couple that I think are steem exclusive content that could draw more in from the lets have fun crowds out there. First off there is @melinda010100 and her shadowphoto contest, and then there is @happyme and her little text based games. Two things I find fun on steem, one I enjoy seeing the results of and one I really enjoy playing in.

Just a couple things, I am not sure if the content can be considered exclusive, as I am sure there are other small text based games out there, (but the small format is very nice); and photo type contest, but the shadow contest is pretty exclusive to being about shadows. I don't get out in other social media much.

@bashadow You are the best Shadow Contest Supporter! We are at Round 90 this week and @shasta's Scary Shadows for Halloween are perfect!I appreciate everything that both of you do to keep the Shadow Contest going from week to week! I couldn't do it without you guys

There is a lot of ho-hum stuff on the internet, your shadow contest is just a bit different, not so ho-hum. I love the creative steps that some of the people go through each week to make it interesting and not the same every week.

I think it has value, too, and yet it consistently is my lowest paying post of the week!

Thanks for the support @bashadow, and yes, @theycallmedan, my Zombie Adventure games are exclusive to Steem. I'm convinced that if more people were aware of my games, they would enjoy participating and we could build our own little community here. My belief is that the deep and prolonged crypto-Winter has discouraged many people from using the Steem platform and that once the price of Steem picks up, we will see a lot of people return. I used to have many more players in the past, but a fair number of my long-term participants have not posted a thing here on Steem in months. Having a few more players would definitely spice things up a bit, so if you have any suggestions about how to encourage more participants, I would be eager to hear about it.

Took the wife and kid to the national museum of Wales to see some cool stuff. Educational, funny, and you get to see my beautiful face!!


Everything I make was meant for Steemit and nothing else. :D


super idea, we should introduce a tag for it, #onlyonsteem or something, i would also really upvote these kind of stuff for same reasons

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@theycallmedan you have received 2 SHADE from contrabourdon!
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I agree with this 100%, @theycallmedan, and I think this is one of the undermining philosophies that makes Steemit sticky for many of us. I ventured in to a lot of other blockchain based special networks and that was immediately that striking difference between them and Steemit. ONO and Sola were top examples and they were just culturally different. No emphasis or incentive for original content and it deteriorated in to memes and reposts from Tumblr. I think you follow many of my favorites but as far as original content goes, check out @waybeyondpadthai, @artgirl, @travelgirl, @vermillionfox, @evenuncovered, @veryspider, @bryan-imhoff, @lovejoy, @eyedrip, @hiddenblade, @tarazkp, @anomadsoul, @vermillionfox, @axeman to name a few. If I can think of any others, I’ll post a follow up. I’m looking to do the same so if you have any standouts, please suggest them as well.

Thanks for mention, my friend... maybe there is a chance somebody else going to look into.. ;)

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I'm actually going to check out all these you mentioned too. Thank you :)

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Wow thanks for the mention. 😊😊😊

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Ooooo thanks so much for the mention :)

Wooo!! Thanks for the mention!

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I only write for steemit. It’s the best audience there is, all my content is Steemit content!

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My content is exclusive to Steem.

I promote my content on Twitter, Reddit and elsewhere.

I wrote the below post as a foundation that I’m going be building 10 to 20 articles around if not more. Turning it into cornerstone content as I edit it over time to link out and mentation those pages. It will be a massive undertaking and time if I’m able to pull off what I see in my mind for it. Which will be rolling out over the next few months if everything goes as I hope.

At the moment I’m waiting for Gods Unchained to do their beta wipe which is coming at the end of the month. That game is growing in popularity and I expect several things to boom its growth even faster. While it is on ETH it will still be a way to target crypto users and try to get them over here.

What it often gets compared to is Hearthstone which has been having some PR nightmares and should make it another market to target even non-crypt gamers looking for an alternative. Since they can’t even sell off their hearthstone cards that will create another pain point once they realize there are trading card games where players can.


That is great, I am creating my very soon I will post the content.

Hi, this is my link of content. Thanks for this offer!


I only post my Freewrites on Steemit once a day. They are short stories written in five minutes. I got tired of being censored on Facebook!!!

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I write in depth articles exclusively here on steemit. Most of them deal with the entertainment industry, and I will begin expanding to other steem platforms to grow my brand when the time is right. Support from you would definitely go a long way towards ensuring that I never have to leave this incredible platform.


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Everything I do is Steem exclusive, I don't really even use any other social media.

A Latino community, in support of all steemians. We create many original publications ..., we would greatly appreciate your support. Hug from Mexico.

This post is for the dynamics of the "pulse of the writer" made by @vickaboleyn for @team-mexico: https://steemit.com/mythology/@team-mexico/pulso-del-escritor-los-origenes-mitologicos-del-vampiro-y-el-hombre-lobo-ii-el-ulfhednar-y-el-draugr-vickaboleyn

Publication on music by @bonzopoe for @team-mexico: https://steemit.com/creativecoin/@team-mexico/pulso-del-escritor-wilco-gracias-por-existir-parte-ii-bonzopoe

Daily, creative and original manual healing reports: https://steemit.com/creativecoin/@team-mexico/reportedecuracin113mesdelterrorteam-mexico-t4yvzr5f2y

Thanks for the support and the opportunity, Steemit needs more people like you. <3

My content is also exclusively posted on Steem. No other blog for this girl over here, nor the pictures. I post images on my social channels after I already posted and wrote about them on here so I can redirect people to steemit for reading more :D

Dude, I used to make exclusive video content for Steem. Unfortunately, you and your buddies don't want me to push it up the Trending page anymore. And suddenly, Youtube with its much larger reach has begun to look attractive to me...

I don't know what kind of content you created on YT that people were "forced" (interesting turn of phrase) to follow you here, but I'm happy it worked out for you. From my point of view, as an older guy who started out with video only two-odd years ago, the Steem has developed mostly into a huge waste of time. Lately, it makes more sense to concentrate on working YT and the other social media with more reach, and - at best - embed the content here for some tip money.

To paraphrase your original premise, one of the biggest ways to drive more creators away from the Steem is, to bully them with downvotes, for the crime of wanting their stuff to be seen. One of the biggest ways to get real shitty publicity is, to have those disgruntled ex-Steemians run their mouth about their experience here on the other platforms. The entire reward pool isn't big enough to "sponsor" away the damage you guys have done with your downvote bullying.

I'm not here to argue, so save yourself the trouble of a finely reasoned reply. I just wanted to let you know how I feel. I went from the biggest Steem cheerleader to "don't care anymore", I'm powering down, and I'm outta here. I'm just glad I had the foresight to experience Steem as a minnow before plunking down any significant portion of my life savings as an investor. Coming to think of it, the publicity fallout from #newsteem is a turnoff for potential investors, too. Good job.

there are loads of them but they have moved to different places where they actually get rewarded

You're not doing good by downvoting any bidbot promoted posts...why are you hating on other steemers for bringing home the bacon?
!giphy not cool at all

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my yoga posts are only on Steem :)

Hi @theycallmedan, I'm a visual and make up artist. I currently use pencil and pastel medium to create my art. Art is a great way of drawing attention to steem. When people love what they see, they go for it.
Here are my recent 2 Steem related artworks. Thank you🙂.



@theycallmedan, I know one thing and that is wake up and create Content on Steem Blockchain. Good to know about your Switch to start Steem Exclusive Journey. Keep up the good work and stay blessed brother.

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Here is the idea I have @theycallmedan :

I love Steem & Steemian from !

It's 8 days old post, so don't upvote it. I just need the idea funded.

Let me know if you can help with that and you will be the biggest sponsor of that. You can write a post about the idea if you want, that may help me.

I just made a post on the art of being with nature and have tried to explain things in a different way. Check out if it is what you're looking for.


hey hey @theycallmedan https://steemit.com/spanish/@angelica7/la-creatividad-de-los-ninos-no-tiene-limites-trompo-hecho-con-bombillos-de-desecho-children-s-creativity-has-no-limits-spinning

Receive a warm greeting, and my congratulations for always being encouraging and motivating, you create a good energy environment and that's great. I read you, whenever I can, and I dare to suggest that to motivate, steem users, invite your followers to create an advertising campaign by any means inviting other users to join this wonderful chain, speaking from the connection of human beings creating valuable content and that you can support them with votes. Good vibes... Buena vibra y mis mejores deseos...

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