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I joined steemit in February 2020, so far the journey has been amazing for me on Steem blockchain, learnt so many things made new friends, met people from worldwide.

I have been a little busy in past 2 days with some real life situation, I didn't event notice when I reached almost 5000 SP

So here I powered up 3 steem And completed my 5000 Steem power first time, and I'm looking forward to build more of it.. In upcoming days..



In the beginning I used to withdraw some steem for my daily expenses, later I learnt about curation rewards and other advantages of having more steem power, so then I started to minimize withdrawals I tried to save steem Powe as much as I could in past days..

The diary game has been a greater experience to learn a lot from all over the world compare different things, it's been great..

I would like to thanks steemit team @steemcurator01, @steemitblog for helping me reaching this level, and thank you for everyone who have supported me so far..

This post is also set to 100% power up, and 10% of the post rewards goes to @bestofindia to support steem community project


I congratulate you. you have achieved very well. I just joined and I'm trying to learn. What is the partial parenthesis under steem power? And why I don't have it, I don't understand. Nobody answers.

nice work on getting to 5k :)

next target 10k

Yes hope to achieve it before the end of this year :)
Thank you.

Good going! keep it up with the same spirit!

Congratulations on reaching 5000 SP !

Thank you for all the support, much appreciated @steemcurator01

Hello @steemcurator01 please visit my diary post.


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