Zimbardo's Time Perspective

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Time and tide wait for no man. ― Geoffrey Chaucer

Lukas Blazek

American psychologist Philip Zimbardo divides (categorizes) the flow of our human experience into 6 different time zones.

Past Positive
People focus on the good old days, happy times, happy family rituals, etc. We'd call these people Past Positive.

Past Negative
People focus on the bad, regretful things of the past. These people are Past Negative.

Present Positive
People are hedonistic. They enjoy life at the moment.

Present Negative
People are fatalistic. They are not having a good time in the present.

Future Positive
Life's goal-oriented. People plan for and are optimistic about the future. Some of them are into the hereafter or the life after the death of the body.

Future Negative
Worrying about the future. People are not very sure about the future outcome. They fear that things may go from bad to worse, over time.

Each decision we make is shaped by such time perspectives. While the time perspectives themselves are in turn shaped by geography, culture, social class, etc.

We all begin life as milk-sucking Present-Oriented Hedonists: so, we have schooling systems whose purpose is to transform us into Future-Oriented People. Because we have to be able to see the future in order to survive and continue life.


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