Ponerologists Diagnose Pathocracy

“If an individual in a position of political power is a psychopath, he or she can create an epidemic of psychopathology in people who are not, essentially, psychopathic.” ― Andrzej Lobaczewski, Political Ponerology


The Disease

Pathocracy is a political system in which power is held by a few crazy people. Think of Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, etc., or individuals with personality disorders.

It's basically a totalitarian system. One that has already turned against its own people. By and for the crazy individuals.

The Experts

The experts who are able to diagnose pathocracy are called ponerologists, and they deal with the study of evil. Ponerology comes from the Greek poneros, which is used as an adjective or noun for evil (used in the Bible as ethically opposed to God ).

If you're incensed, if you're fighting against a system that is in the hands of a few crazy individuals, if you want to sound smart and knowledgeable, if you want to be accurate and exact, you can use the word pathocracy. Or, depending on the situation, ponerology.

I hoard such useful words for you to use at any time. :)


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