Tasmania day 10 🦘🍓🍓🍓

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Merry Thursday to my 3 fans on another glorious day here in Tasmania 🤣, its been a nice sunny day but i have seen very little as i started work at 5.30am and finished at 3.30pm.

I went to the supermarket afterwards and got some more Strawberries and something to make me smell nice, the strawberries are still under $3 per pack.
This deodorant smells really nice and actually works as i have used it before, cost $14.
No one wants a smelly Kiwi
I decided to walk into town as i really want to buy a Tasmania Jack jumpers basketball top, as luck would have it they had 25% off so i purchased this for $75.
I was going to go to a restaurant tonight for dinner, but as i was walking past Charcoal chicken i decided fuck it i am having it again as its pretty healthy and super yummy.
We have 28 degrees here tomorrow and i am starting again early which will be good, tomorrow i am in the chilled produce area for the day so that will be cool.

Most probably i will go for a walk later as its a beautiful day outside, have you been for a walk today?

Oh i brought a beer to have with dinner

Have a great day from me here in Tasmania Australia 🦘

all pics are mine
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I am @kiwiscanfly 🥝🐔



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