Made some hasselback potatoes

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For Dinner tonight i made some hasselback potatoes for the first time, i had some when i was in Tasmania but didn't know their name.

Today i searched for Fancy potatoes and the first result was hasselback potatoes, i thought that's them... lets have a crack at making some for dinner tonight.

They turned out well and were very nice to eat and i think i had 4 🤔, we also had Roast chicken and vegetables plus homemade garlic bread.



My day started with only dropping 1 x kid off to high school as the other one was a little sick and stayed home, i then got some washing going and had a general tidy up around the house.

Around 11.20am i was at the GYM for an hours cardio which went really well, i did 20 minutes of stairs and climbed 1540 stair/steps then i spent 40 minutes going hard on the elliptical cross trainer.

I went home and had a shower and then made a fruit smoothie which had blueberries in it, another nice smoothie!



Then i cleaned 2 x showers/bathrooms/toilets and emptied some bins, emptied the dishwasher and started thinking about dinner.

These pictures are from my 6K walkies yesterday after i went to the GYM



Here is the roast chicken we had and yep you guessed it Katface A.K.A Smudge had some as well, there is quite a bit of leftovers so Kat will get some chicken tomorrow.

Tonight at 9.30pm i will be glued to the TV watching the NZ Breakers take on the Illawarra Hawks in a loser goes home matchup, i hope the breakers can win and have put my money on them

Oh i also booked some flights/hotel/car yesterday for my next work assignment which is in Auckland NZ, so no passport needed this time!

Consider yourself updated and do try to make those hasselback potatoes, if i can you can

Have a good day
all pics are mine
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I am @kiwiscanfly 🥝🐔

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This is the first time I heard of hassleback potatoes. They look nice and interesting.

I had them in Tasmania one night we went out for dinner, i didnt know they were called that name.

So the other day i looked at some recipes and had a go, well worth the effort and it took 60 odd minutes to cook them.

Thank you, friend!
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