16 Accounts Spamming crap

in #steemexclusive3 months ago

Its Wednesday and our Spamming mates just keep posting with new accounts, all have the 15sp signup delegation new accounts get so they can perform functions on this Blockchain.

Looking at the https://steemit.com/created tag today here is what i found.


please feel free to use your downvoting power on any of the above link spammers to let them know they are not welcome!

I am hoping @steemcurator01 can once again pass this list to the Steemit Engineering Team to remove the sign up 15sp

Lets see what tomorrow brings

Have a good day - all pictures/graphics are mine

Kind regards @kiwi-crypto


Thanks for these.

Now all loaded on the wagon and shipped off to 'The Factory'...

Thanks for that, i looked at some other tags tonight and rounded up these 30 accounts all spamming links 😈👹


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Here ya go