Thursday menu 30 choices 😈👹

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Its Thursday here in New Zealand which has been a raining wet day so far, i just want to say thanks to the spammer for writing a post about me :)

Its good to see i am upsetting them

Anyway after work i started to trawl the tag looking for some more link spammers to vote on :). It took ages to find 9... until i looked at some of the tags they use - i checked this one out and found another 21 quite easily.

Here are the 30 Link Spammers found tonight 🧐🧐


I really thought i was not even going to find 10 which still would been alright but this is a great haul.

I am hoping @steemcurator01 can once again pass this list to the Steemit Engineering Team to remove the sign up 15sp

Lets see what Freaky Friday brings

Have a good day - all pictures/graphics are mine

Kind regards @kiwi-crypto



Yikes more of them....

Thanks for these.

Same time, same place tomorrow...

I found 25 accounts tonight, over the past 7 days 150 accounts have had 15SP removed due to spamming links - that's around 2250sp in total :)

Have a good weekend