The Diary Game- 14 Feb 2020- Hope is alive

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Hello steemit users hope you are all doing great in your life. This is me Hashir Alam and welcome to my diary game.

So as you all know it was Sunday a slept late at night as usual. But I wake up a little bit early as expected due to noises as they were some guests had arrived then I came to know that my nani had arrived I was feeling very drowsy so I couldn't standup and meet my grandma but after sometime my uncle with his whole family had also arrived then I woke up and meet all my relatives and this is how my Sunday started

After then I took a bath and offered prayer and then started eating food and while eating food I was using my mobile. Then after sometime my mother called me and said me to repair the chain of my brother cycle so I started to repair it and finally did it. Here's the picture of my brother's cycle

After than I started playing pubg and while I was playing pubg with my friend a message arrived form my class team and message was from non other than Dsa teacher. So I said my friend to wait. Then I opened my message and it was about lab sessional.
Remember I told you guys about the lab sessional that it is very important for me in order to pass my course that was the same lab sessional. Here's the screenshot of the message

So basically the Marks distribution was as follows:

Lab file - 5 Marks
Quizzes (Best 5) - 10 Marks
Lab Exam 1 - 5 Marks
The marks of lab exam 1 has been divided into two parts. 50% is added in sessionals and another 50% will be added in final lab exam.
That means that we have 6 viva so miss being strick give the Marks from best 5. She could have been given on basis of top 4 this will increase the students marks by 1 mark. And 1 mark is worth it believe me. When you are on edge of passing and failing every mark matters.
Then I open the steet of my marks and was still confused because Project marks were also given so I thought that project marks are included then I saw the marks breakdown again and understand that project marks will be added with final lab exam then lab exam 1 it was divided in such a way that 50% marks are given now and 50% marks will be added with final lab. Here's the screenshot of my lab sessional marks

I scored 11.5 out of 20 and need 13 more marks to pass please pray that I pass my dsa exam

Then after that match between pakistan and south Africa was going on so I quickly started watching match. When I started watching Pakistan was all over South Africa there were 6 wickets gone for less than 100 I taught that Pakistan could easily win the match but I was worng.
Miller was on the crease and in the matter of seconds he changed the game he hit sixes and in the end South Africa ended at 160 which is a very good total I was seeing the match and tought that Pakistan is in danger.
Then Pakistan Pakistan batting had started I saw few started overs then go to offer Esha prayer after coming back match was going 50 50 but then South Africa was cruising towards victory but some how Pakistan were able to cease the victory. It was very close match


After than my friend called me and said me to come outside as my friend were planning for some outing so I go outside than we first go to eat fries and then we go to Cafe piyala my friend drink tea there and I drink cold drink there beacuse I dont like tea.
That's all from today hope you guys liked my story.

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it was worth reading it

it was a nice diary

Look like you spend a nice day. It is good to help your youngsters and also to have some fun with friends. Nice to see that you are having a great time.

#onepercent #pakistan #affable

Looks like you passed a good day and why not Sunday is always good for almost every one.

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