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What is Steemeum?

Steemeum is a virtual mobile miner app based on "Proof of Time", that invites mobile mining enthusiasts to the Steem Blockchain, and helps those new but also existing users to get a bit of Steem dollars in there wallets to spend in the Steem Blockchain and the related projects running on top of Steem as well the internal and external markets.

At the moment we are in a cosed beta and ask people to test the app, and this can still be entered, by joining the Steemeum Discord server

After you have been given the testers role, you can download the app from the updates channel. Login with Steem Connect, with your Steem account and press the Start mining button to mine time. The gathered rewards from this, and the other daily miner posts of this week are put into the miner pool and transferred out to the miner users on a weekly base.


Steemeum statistics:


Registered users: 197

Active miners at the time of this post: 51

Average mined time: 72 hours

Average payout: 0.264 SBD

Payed out rewards: 223.795 SBD



More information about Steemeum:




The Steemeum virtual miner project is and can be funded with Fundition the decentralized crowdfunding project on Steem.


Do you want to get in contact, or want to know the latest news:

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Hello team one suggestion to bring more users to the app is to introduce the referral system as then people would be sharing it to everyone around to get the referral rewards as well as more and more people would come to know about it as well.

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Hi @sumit71428 Thanks for your suggestion, it is on the to do list to have a referral system, but at this moment the new beta version release of the Android app have the priority.


Yeh that is really nice, hope to see the refral system soon.

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