Getting more involved with all those that skate on

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We've been skating on the blockchain and super stoked to find interesting post from other Steemers of skate out there.

Calling the Jedi's of Skate
Come skate on steemit Halfpipe
We are interested in learning how to skate,
encouraging each other and growing the skating scene from all angles.

All the shapes and forms of skate from wooden boards and fiberglass to cardboard and socks,
from ice to tiles, tar and water.

We don't like to complicate, keep it simple!
"skate" is basically having a layer between you and earth that you roll freely on to create motion and momentum from your gravity pulling on your body weight.

Lets see who's skating the steemit blockchain.

Awesome Quote from @micch about Ice Skating.

“You can learn new things at any time in your life if you're willing to be a beginner. If you actually learn to like being a beginner, the whole world opens up to you”
Micch ice skating

Betania providing some great tips and pointers for Roller Blades.

Nice to see Betania wearing safety gear!

Betania Roller Blading

Thread Head sharing a description of a love for all the different types of skate.

Thanks bro! Keep up the stoke.

"Skateboarding is amazing for so many reasons. Number one is the freedom, no one can tell you how to skate when to skate where to skate and it's great. You don't have a coach standing behind your back telling you you're doing it wrong , because there is no right way to do it, some people are street skaters, some are freestyle skaters, some skate huge stairsets, some skate huge rails, there is so much variety and it's endless , there is never not something to do. Skateboarding is one of the most creative sports out there....... "

Some tips from Beginner to pro.

Sounds like Iskra is well seasoned in the ways of skate.

"Beginner’s Luck: How To Become A Skating Pro (sort of)

  • When you’re learning to turn and break, you’ll almost certainly fall.
  • Make sure to wear protective gear such as knee/elbow pads and a helmet
  • To keep your speed down, try your balance on a soft surface such as grass first
  • Use your back foot as a brake, dragging it gently across the pavement"

SkatePal experience with @ambermayormaynot

Nice to see that there are other skating efforts, looks like SkatePal doesn't have a steemit profile yet.

SkatePal is a charity that builds skateparks and coaches skateboarding in Palestine. It's so important because 50% of >Palestinians living in the occupied territories are under 21, yet opportunities, whether educational, sporting or >otherwise, are near to non-existent. Skateboarding is one of.....

Awesome Rollerblade post about intention behind every action.

"So why do you write? You write because you want to sell your books, or you write because you want to be a writer?"
Roller Blader and shadow

Keen keen! Lets carry on growing the scene young Jedis!

May the Force be with you young Jedis


Good post, wish I had noticed it earlier!

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No worries mate, we will be rollin' more out soon.
No stress, picking up a roll speed slowly.

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Great! We thank's you @steemitboard,
have you skated before?

Must come skate with us!
All you have to do is Join and Skate with us