VGIFT Update on Steem Engine

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Interact with VGIFT by vote / comment to receive a VGIFT token on Steem Engine or simply read more

VGIFT tokens ...

Virtualgrowth Gift Steem Token (VGIFT) History on Steem Engine

Virtualgrowth Gift Steem Token (VGIFT) Market on Steem Engine

Top Buy Orders


Top Sell Orders


Top Token Holders

(excluding about 150 not currently in open orders)

@mfblack105 VGIFT
@rivalzzz103 VGIFT
@anon0951 VGIFT
@bitcoinjake0910 VGIFT
@bobby.madagascar7 VGIFT
@swapsteem4 VGIFT

Steem Engine / VGIFT Posts

V.G.I.F.T. - VGIFT - Whatever gift it may be as a token - Vote / Leave a Comment if you want s VGIFT!
Looking at Trading on Steem Engine
Quick Look At Over One Hundred (100) Steem Engine Tokens

Part of (liquid) STEEM from posts (mentioning VGIFT) will fuel VGIFT token

Vote for a (possible) VGIFT!,

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I remember you handing out tokens on bitshares. Is this the same but different?

No idea what this is, but I voted for a possible share!

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Immer noch erster 😁
Schönen Abend dir!

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i like this project!, also... any vgifts in open orders are not shown, some people might have more than it shows ;)


Yes this is true.