V.G.I.F.T. - VGIFT - Whatever gift it may be as a token - Vote / Leave a Comment if you want s VGIFT!

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Interact with VGIFT by vote / comment to receive a VGIFT token on Steem Engine or simply read more

The Continuous Story of VGIFT tokens ...

Virtualgrowth Gift Steem Token (VGIFT) History on Steem Engine

Virtualgrowth Gift Steem Token (VGIFT) Market on Steem Engine

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Top Token Holders

@mfblack103 VGIFT
@rivalzzz101 VGIFT
@anon0950 VGIFT
@bitcoinjake098 VGIFT
@swapsteem4 VGIFT

Steem Engine / VGIFT Posts

Looking at Trading on Steem Engine
Quick Look At Over One Hundred (100) Steem Engine Tokens
VGIFT token journey on Steem Engine
VGIFT on SteemEngine With Over Five (500) Gifted Token Holders

Part of (liquid) STEEM from posts (mentioning VGIFT) will fuel VGIFT token

Vote for a (possible) VGIFT!,

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Vote for VGIFT token!



Vote for VGIFT. 🎁

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Yowsers! Let's hear it for VGIFT!

I was wondering what the deal was with this one (:

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Me too.. Shall see what becomes created..

I want some VGIFT’s 🤑

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I feel very happy that I have one VGIFT and I'd love to double my holdings with another one! 😃👍

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I’m going to have to check out this Steem engine thing to see what it’s all about.

I just need 5 VGIFT to be in the top 5? 1/5 of my way there.

shortly be on top with 2 Token bevor rivalzzz✌😂 Maybe you can extend my lead with some donation?😁

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I hope to get VGIFT again to occupy a position on your list ... hehehe

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