Steem Tokens Market Report - Possibly Giveaways, Index, or other token..

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Taking a look at how steem tokens on steem engine are doing and checking interest in a special token or giveaway.

Finally a chance to explore making a post on steem tokens with the arrival of Steem Engine and many steem tokens! Great to see a solution for tokens in our STEEM ecosystem! Wondering if there may be interest in giveaways or some form on index token or DAC idea. Will explore ideas and seek feedback in the meantime.

Let's Look at Tokens with Some Listed Value!

SymbolToken NameMarket CapPrice% Chg24h VolSupplyBy
AAnother Useless Token$4,598,035.46$4.600.00%--1000000@reseller
DBDragon Ball$736.15$0.000460.00%--1601001@vegeta
DDTDDaily Token$45.98$0.4600.00%--100@ddaily
DRAGONLegendary Dragons Token$49,145,170.41$45.520.00%--1079626@legendarydragons
ENGAGEEngagement Token$86.21$0.002300.00%--37500@abh12345
HVOTEHappy Voter Token$292.34$0.2660.00%--1100@happyvoter
IBCIntermediate Bulk Container$16,093.12$0.032190.00%--500000@ibc
JCARjoycar token$45,980.35$0.000460.00%--100000000@jsquare
KRWSKRW Stable coin$30,347,034.01$1.380.00%--22000000@stablewon
MULAARTzone MULA Token$19,311.75$0.000920.00%$0.46521000000@artzone
NEONeoxian Gold$487.39$4.600.00%--106@neoxian
NEOXNeoxian Gold$491.99$4.600.00%--107@neoxian
NINJASteem Ninja$233.60$
ORACLEDOracle D$206,911.60$45.980.00%--4500@oracle-d
PEPerfspots Engagement$460.26$0.4600.00%--1001@perfspots
REDRedpalestino Coin$1,139.16$1.150.00%--991@redpalestino
SHITOfficial NGC Shittoken$66.21$0.3450.00%--192@ngc
SMSMBSatren muss seine Miete bezahlen$84.14$0.4600.00%$4.60183@satren
SMTTSteem Monsters Team Token$6,446,825.05$0.4600.00%--14020825@steemmonsters
STEEMSCSTEEM Stable coin$916,101.09$0.4760.00%$199.881925000@stablewon
SUFBCrypto Class Action vs Facebook and Google$72,100.18$0.2300.00%--313613@jpbliberty
SWEETSwapsteem Engineering and Enhancement Team$9,655,874.46$0.4600.00%--21000000@anlptl
TIPUtipU Profit Sharing Token--$0.000460.00%--0@tipu
TRADEDTrade token to reward traders$464,401.58$0.004600.00%--101000000@riseofth
VALIUMPrinz Valium$137.94$1.380.00%--100@prinzvalium
VGIFTVirtualgrowth Gift Steem Token$45.98$0.004600.00%$0.56610000@virtualgrowth

Check out the STEEM tokens on SteemEngine and see what you may like (to support)!

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Thanks for the mention. Please get PLANKTON (PLKN) and make it your first Steem-Engine token! ^_^ Have a nice day!


Most welcome! Shall check it out! ^_^

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Ya I just logged in to Steem Engine 2 days ago and wow. Look at what is coming to steem. I still need to look into a lot of them to know more of what they are for. But for sure it is a big thing coming that you can get these other tokens for steem. It is easy and we will see what ones work. So far I only got the steem monster poker ones as a friend here made those. But I play to look into a lot more of them.

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Is there any place to go and see what these tokens can actually be used for?


On Steem Engine you can find links to posts about the tokens. But no central place that I know of currently.

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